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When it comes to design, I think the LG V30 is one of the more beautiful stylish Android smartphones out there. It is so 2017 with its stunning edge-to-edge display, gorgeously looking metal back, smooth and streamed curved edges and sophisticated look. It's not that it's innovating when it comes to design and it does look quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it doesn't of course take away from what it is—a beautiful phone. I also like that the antenna bands blend in very well with the design.

LG V30 smartphone

The V30 also has minimal bezels, which is unlike some companies (Sony.. **cough** **cough**) that don't seem to want to move forward and get rid of those big so-not-2017 ugly bezels. At the back you have the camera compartment which is protruding slightly, but no big deal. I personally prefer not having the fingerprint scanner at the back but rather moving it to the front home button and keep the back cleaner.

This design really look premium and indeed the main emphasize is on making it look premium, modern and sleek. When it comes to phone design, LG really nails it right. It did it really well with the LG G6 with its elegant phone design and now again with the V30. LG definitely gets my full attention in the past couple of years. I really start admiring their attention to make very attractive smartphone in terms of usability, design, camera and other unique features. LG slowly bud steadily revives my faith in its products. I wasn't a big fan of LG before but I certainly becoming one.

If you are searching for an elegant and modern premium smartphone, you should certainly look into the LG V30.

importance ranking: #6 in the 'Design' category and #23 among all categories for LG V30 device

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