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Daydream VR headset

Is the LG V30 a Daydream-ready smartphone? Can you play Daydream VR games on it? The short answer is yes, you can. The LG V30 is a Daydream-ready smartphone and joined the list of an expanding selection of smartphone that are compatible with Google's mobile VR platform. This means that you can buy a Daydream compatible headset and play Daydream VR games. The LG V30 has all the requires hardware specs to allow users to experience mobile virtual reality as Google aimed for.

If you haven't had a chance to try out VR, I highly recommend getting a Daydream headset and try it out the first day you get your LG V30 phone. If you already tried Google Cardboard before on phones with a low-res screen, please, try it again. The difference between Daydream and other low-res Android phones is huge. I was playing Cardboard VR games on my iPhone 5S and believe me, it was not a great experience. That being said, even that experience was enlightening and super fun because this was the first time I tried VR.

Here is a video by Krystal Key that talks about Google Daydream. Watch it if you don't know what Daydream is all about, but keep in mind that it's from December 2016 and obviously more phones came with Daydream support since then.

It's so much fun just putting the headset on and dive into another virtual world, get disconnected and play games like you haven't played before. VR is an amazing technology. The Daydream specs allow developers to develop more immersive apps and games for mobile. With such a high resolution display and high ~537 pixel density, you won't notice the pixels so much compared to phones with lower pixel density displays. I think the ideal pixel density is above 800 ppi, but 537 is very good as well.

There are many websites that cover Daydream VR games out there like vrgamesfor.com, so I recommend checking out the list of games there and see what best fits your gameplay style. Also watching videos in VR is an amazing experience as well. All in all, a great advantage and it's great to see yet another Android devices supporting this great mobile VR platform.

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