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Does the LG V30 has a removable battery you ask? The short answer is no, the V30 doesn't have a removable battery option. I am personally quite disappointed that the LG V30 doesn't come with a removable battery, which is unlike the V20 that comes with a removable battery option. Some calls it a gimmick, but I think it's great to have the option to just swap to a backup battery when you need to. I have a battery pack at home and I take it when I travel. The reason is because my phone just can't hold all day long with all the things that I do with it. I like using the GPS a lot, take lots of pictures and videos. When you do all that, the battery us going to die up really fast. This is why I occasionally connect the phone to the battery pack.

The main problem with battery packs is that you need to have the phone connected to it using a USB cable. This is very inconvenient, unless you don't intend to use the phone for an hour or so and just put it in your bag and let it charge up. Having a non-removable battery in the LG V30 means that you are forced to use an external charger of some sort. I think the reason for this is the IP68 water protection and so the phone retains its water-resistance capability, the phone has to be sealed properly and this is probably why the V30 doesn't come with a removable battery option (removable cover). I also checked online and the V20 doesn't have any IP rating from what I know, so this explains things.

Is it a huge disadvantage not having a removable battery? Well, it depends who you ask. For many people it night not have any significance, but for me it's a disadvantage. If I buy the V30, I know that I'll need to continue using my battery pack. I would prefer buying 2 replaceable batteries for the V30, charge them prior for going out and use them if necessary.

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  • I don't see the lack of removable battery option as a cons, but this is just my opinion. It is more convenient to just snap a battery in than connect it to an external mobile charger. That being said, most people can just connect it into a mobile battery pack when they don't use the device. Most of us don't use it every minutes and if you have a small bag with you it certainly not a problem and very convenient.
  • I agree, if it wasn't for the limited battery, I wouldn't complain about a fixed one. You brought out some important points but I think most users wouldn't mind that. Some of those who have the V20 are probably used to having a second backup battery just in case. Just look at the Xialomi Mi Mix, it comes with a 4400 mAh battery capacity. That being said, I've read some good opinions about the S8+ and its 3500 mAh battery, so the battery life might not be too bad.