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LG V30 dual camera

The LG V30 comes with rear dual cameras. It's the same type of setup as the LG G6, one camera is a regular 71-degree standard-angle lens and a second camera with a 120-degree ultra wide-angle lens. It's basically a wide-angle and an ultra wide-angle lens as both cameras capture a wide field of view, but the second camera offers much wider capture.

The LG G6 dual camera setup is slightly different: it comes with a 71-degree F1.8 aperture with OIS for the wide-angle camera, and a 125-degree F2.4 aperture without OIS for the second camera. The LG V30 comes with a 71-degree F1.6 aperture lens with OIS and a second 120-degree F1.9 aperture lens. While the LG G6 has dual 13MP sensors, the V30 setup is different, the standard-angle lens has a 16MP resolution while the wide angle has 13MP sensor resolution. So it's quite different and we can see that the V30 has brighter aperture lenses.

In fact the LG V30 is the first smartphone to come with an F1.6 aperture lens. This means that we can expect superb low-light performance for pictures taken with that standard-angle camera. Of course the F1.9 lens is also very fast as well.

This is one of the main advantages of the LG V30 smartphone. We've already seen that some manufacturers use some different dual-camera combinations, some use an RGB+Mono setup, some use a second telephoto lens, but in my opinion this is the most fun and useful setup that really makes you come home with different and more unique photos.

I love taking pictures with a wide field of view because it really gives you a unique perspective of things that you don't even get to see with your own eyes. It's great for landscape, building, interiors, etc. According to LG, it cut the distortions of the ultra wide angle lens by one third, which means that we can expect to get images with much less distortions compared to what we are used to with previous installments.

Of course you can use the two cameras for either taking pictures or recording videos, which means that your video will also look more unique and interesting due to the versatility that you get using the accompanies secondary ultra-wide angle angle.

With the LG V30 I know that I'll take even better. In fact, due to that wide-angle cameras setup, I now favor the V30 even more than the G6. From what I've read they optimized the dual camera setup for better optical performance, so I also expect it to perform even better optically compared to the G6, but as of the time of writing no image quality comparison was done yet. I'm sure someone will do it soon enough.

As you can clearly tell, I am very excited to finally see a superb camera setup that can really help me and other enthusiast photographer take better pictures and videos, and allow us to be more creative. This is in my opinion an elite configuration and one of the best on the market right now. Of course I still need to wait and see how well it performs, but I have a good feeling that it won't disappoint. This is one reason why I love LG, because unlike all the other leading phone manufacturers, it pushes the technology forward when it comes to photography (there are other camera features that I haven't talked about here) and it just happened to be that its choice is exactly what I personally looking for in my next camera, I mean my next smartphone - Thanks LG!

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Camera' category and #1 among all categories for LG V30 device

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