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A+ rating, Galaxy Note8 display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the second phone, after the Galaxy S8, to receive an A+ grade (Excellent) from DisplayMate. The Note 8 uses a 6.3" Super AMOLED display. This screen is 20% larger than the Galaxy S8 and DisplayMate also found it to be 22% brighter as well with a staggering peak brightness of over 1200 nits. This is the highest brightness ever recorded by the company for any smartphone until the day of that analysis. This means that the Note 8 will provide users with super outdoor visibility, which is important for most of us because we mostly use our phone when are outside during the day. The analysis also mentioned its impressive and large color gamut, which means that some colors will look better on screen and not washed out.

displays are but it's amazed me that how improved they are from year to year. Most phone manufacturers are moving to using those excellent displays. Samsung continues to improve those displays, making sure that people know that if they buy one of its premium Android smartphones, they are sure to enjoy a superb visual experience like no other. The DisplayMate review is just a sealed of approval of what many of us already know about Samsung's displays in its high-end devices.

That being said, you can learn more about the display's feature reading their analysis. For example, I didn't know that it supports 4 screen modes, one with High Absolute Color Accuracy, a Video Enhancer, etc. By the way, their analysis is made with a pre-production model, so we might even see slight improvement in some of those tested aspects when the production model is released.

This is, and I quote: "DisplayMate's highest ever A+ grade" - do I need to say more. The analysis is very detailed and in-depth, and to be honest, some of the technical things I have no understanding of. Bottom line, what you should know is that if you buy the Note8, you get the best screen on the market, even better than the Galaxy S8 one.

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importance ranking: #6 in the 'Display' category and #29 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device

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