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Galaxy Note 8 above 50 and 100 dollar bills

The Galaxy Note 8 start at a £869 price tag in the UK for the SIM-free version and in the US the Note 8 costs $930 for the unlocked version when you buy it through Samsung. I've also checked the prices on the popular carriers. On Verizon Wireless you can get the Note8 for $960 (retail price) or pay $40/month. On T-Mobile that price tag is $930.00 or $210 down payment with $30 in 24 monthly payments. On AT&T the Galaxy Note 8 costs $949.99 for the full retail price or $31.67 per month with 30-month installment agreement. On U.S. Cellular people can pre-order the Note8 for $899.99 ($63.01 discount) for the pre-paid option or pay $32.10/mo. for 30 months installment. The price for the Note 9 in India is estimated to be around Rs. 69,900 (~$1090 USD).

O2 ( in the UK sells the phone for £49.99 upfront and £66.00 monthly payments. Three ( sells the 64GB version for £99.00 upfront and £44.00 a month. sells it for £56 per month with £50 upfront free. EE sells it for £59 per month with 16GB of mobile data with £29.99 upfront payment. I'm sure there will be some good deals, offers and discounts after the Galaxy Note 8 phone is officially released.

The prices, except the estimated price in India are updates as for 25/8/2017 via the official corresponding websites and for the 64GB version. For updated prices please check the official carrier websites or Samsung's official website.

The good news is that now you can get the Galaxy S8 for for only £29 per month on 24-month contract in the UK, have you ever wanted to get this phone and it was too expensive at that time. Even Amazon slashes the price of the S8 for £549.99 SIM-Free, which is £130 off the original cost. How we get to a point where phones cost so much, I agree, it's a premium phone, but that price will definitely put it far from reach of many Galaxy Note fans.

As new phone models coming in, the prices of the older model are significantly reduces. This is why many people actually prefer buying a new phone after the new flagship announcements or after they are released. If you can't afford to buy the Galaxy Note8, you still have the option to buy the S8 and S8+. I wish the price was more affordable, but that what it is. Unless you are in no hurry and don't mind waiting for a few months until we get a price drop. The high price of the Note8 is certainly a disadvantage that I think it's worth a mention.

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User Opinions

  • The only thing that this price convinced me is to wait for the iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus to come out. I'm sure that for almost same price I'll get a more innovative and better phone overall. Call me a fan boy, but I'm pretty sure the iPhone 8 won't be boring as the iPhone 7 and I also like the AR feature as well. If we are going to see AR features in the Galaxy phones, I think it will be when the Galaxy S9 launches.
  • I'm not surprised to see such a high price and I didn't expect it to be low either. This is Samsung's flagship smartphone. If I am not mistaken the Samsung Galaxy S8 launched for around £690 (roughly $880) when it was launched. I think that the extra camera, the Stylus S-Pen functionality, Live messages, bigger display, dual OIS, and other features, all those, in my opinion, certainly worth the added price. Of course we need to consider the S8 price drop as well. So as I said, this premium price tag doesn't come as a surprise, but as you've mentioned, it will be out of reach of many users. Now seeing the Note8 launch price, I wonder what the iPhone 8 price tag would be?