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The Nokia 8 features Nokia's OZO spatial 360┬░ audio recording. It's an advanced audio recording technology that provides 360-degree recording. So when you playback your 4K videos, you get sound with reduced ambient sounds and background noise and better 3D directional sound experience when you playback the video and listen to it using 3D audio optimized headphones and spatial audio playback systems.

Even without 3D audio optimized hardware, you can head the difference compared to stereo recording. In the video above Nokia demonstrated the difference between stereo recording and OZO Audio. It's definitely a completely different sound experience. Sounds closer to the Nokia 8 will sound more prominent and therefore background noise will be less distracting. You can even feel when the sound is coming from, and I listened to this video on my laptop computer. The audio of the video sound clear and crisp. I wonder how it is compared to Dolby surround sound though, but the sound capturing capability of the Nokia 8 phone is just outstanding, so well done Nokia on that aspect.

The Nokia 8 is also the first smartphones in the world to come with OZO Audio. It was designed to match the high-fidelity viewing experience. The Nokia 8 uses three microphones (although spatial audio capture is possible with only 2 microphones, 4 mics for a full 3D experience) combined with Nokia's proprietary acoustic algorithms to enable immersive spatial High-fidelity 360┬░surround sound audio capture like never before. If you always found phone audio recording to be bad and didn't like the string background ambient sound that just take over your video's audio recording, I think that you'll love the Nokia OZO audio recording technology in the Nokia 8. I am not an audio expert myself, but my ears don't lie and I really loved what I've heard so far. Can't wait to try it myself when I get my hands on the fabulous device.

For more information about OZO Audio I recommend visiting this page on

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