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One thing that I dislike about the Nokia 8 design, at least from what I've seen from the leaked images both on Twitter and the one taken down from the Chinese website, is that it doesn't come with a unified body color. The blue Nokia 8 has a blue back and sides, but the front panel is black. This just makes you see that the phone is constructed of two separate parts and like there is a frame wrapping the phone. I personally prefer the entire frame to be the same color. This gives the phone a more prestigious and interesting look. People, for example, who love a blue phone will definitely enjoy having the entire phone in their favorite color. When I look at the phone, I look at it mostly at the front, and I want to see the color I pick, not just at the back.

I don't know what the reason why many manufacturer don't follow this design principle. Just look at the LG G6 unified design, it looks so beautiful, especially the gray one. It really make the color standout and give it a character. When I buy a white phone for example, I want the front to look white, not just the back. For many users being able to choose a color is a great bonus. People want to match the color of their phone to other things. I have a friend who owns a yellow car so he went to buy a phone with a yellow color. People care about this. It's not that it will prevent them from buying the phone, but i'm sure that if we put a poll about that, most people will tell you that they prefer a unified color than 2-color variation.

importance ranking: #4 in the 'Design' category and #15 among all categories for Nokia 8 device

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