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Is Motorola Moto Z2 Force Edition supports Google Daydream VR? I've just came after reading an article on that mentioned that the Moto Z2 Force passed all the required tests to get a certification from Google as a Daydream-ready device. It's great to see that yet another device get to support Google's Daydream VR. This of course means that the Z2 Force Edition will be compatible with all Daydream VR headset, those who are available now and those who will be introduced in the future.

This also means that Moto Z2 Force owners will be able to enjoy all the great VR games and apps that were developed for the Daydream platform. Daydream is a very attractive mobile VR platform. It's behind Gear VR when it comes to selection of apps but the app library is growing each week. Of course we needn't forget that if if you want to play Gear VR games, you are locked to a very specific and limited range of Samsung Galaxy devices, whether Google is aiming to support as many devices as possible, as long as they correspond to their minimum requirements.

Google is very strict on this, because Google wants users to get a high mobile virtual reality experience. Developers of course can therefore aim high with their settings and come up with better VR experiences.

If you don't own any other headset like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or even never tried VR with Google Cardboard, you are expected a great surprise when you try out Daydream with the Moto Z2 force for the first time.

Innovation seems to be halted in the past 5 years and what gets me excited is seeing VR technologies moving forward. I think that VR is something that many users will juts fall in love with and find out that they spend more time there than many other functions that their phone offers. You can play amazing 3D VR games and immerse yourself in amazing new worlds. These experiences can only be experience in VR and there is no other medium that can give you that type of experience.

The main disadvantages of this technology is that it requires you to buy a second accessory the headset, you need to wear it on your head and it's not comfortable to carry around. I usually play Daydream games when I am at home. The only time I took it out of the house is when I flew to Portugal for a vacation and I took my Daydream headset with me.

Also keep in mind that you'll need to buy a Daydream headset separately. I think it would be nice if the Moto Z2 Force edition was certified prior to launch and people could have get the option to buy the headset for a discounted price. This isn't the case here of course, but at least Z2 force owners know that they have the option to experience premium mobile VR experience and not rely on Google cardboard that provides inferior experience.

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