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Galaxy J7 Max front and rear LED flash

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max comes with a dual 13MP cameras both on the front and back. One of the main advantages of these cameras is that both come with a LED flash and both have a fast aperture lens. The rear camera has a f/1.7 aperture and the front camera a f/1.9 aperture. Many phones nowadays seems to just ditch the front flash in favor of a screen flash. A screen flash is when the entire screen is lit in white color to illuminate your face when you take a selfie shot.

This features is obviously don't need any hardware changes, just a software tweak that turns on the screen in a specific color when you use the selfie camera. The advantages of this method is that it provides a soft illumination because of the large area of the light and because it's positioned very close to your face. A LED flash provides a stronger burst of light, but because it is small, it can lead to a more prominent shadows and might make your selfie images less attractive.

That being said, a LED flash is better for lighting both you and the background as well. Of course its reach is limited, but having a LED flash can help illuminate subjects better when shooting in very restricting lighting conditions. The combination of a fast aperture lens and a LED flash can make a night and day change to your photos when shooting at night or in a dark indoor area.

I also don't think that the front flash is limited to certain models like in the J7, but I am not sure about it. If you are from India, the Indian version of the Galaxy J7 Max surely has both a front and rear LED flash (I checked the official Samsung website in India).

If you wanted to know if the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max has a front flash for the selfie camera, now you know. If this is important for your specific photographic needs, you now know that it has you covered in that aspect at least. I still need to see some low-light sample images to see how good the images are with the LED flash before I make my conclusions about how effective it really is in certain situations, but I have no doubt that it helps when taking selfies. I remember so many times not being able to take good selfies at night because my phone lack this feature.

Another thing good about the front LED flash that it allows the camera to capture images at lower ISO, whether without it, the camera would use a very high ISO which would lead to plenty of image noise. We all know how ugly is image noise in images, especially for selfies. This is where I think that the screen flash should be less effective and the LED flash should be more effective in maintaining lower ISO sensitivity, but I haven't compared both yet and checked that theory. If you did, you can share your own thoughts in the comment section below.

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