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front LED flash, Galaxy J7 Pro smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro comes with a front LED flash. There are many manufacturers that opt to just not include one, but I there is a high demand for it. The thing is that you do have the option to light up your selfies using the front screen and some people use this option. Still, a LED flash provides good relatively strong illumination which really helps when taking selfie pictures or recording videos with the front camera.

The combination of a front LED flash in the J7 Pro, alongside a fast f/1.9 aperture, ensures bright and clear selfies, even when shooting in low-light conditions. I don't know whether all Galaxy J7 Pro models come with a front LED flash. For example, the Galaxy J7 Prime phone doesn't have a front LED flash for all regions, but in some areas it does come with one. If you live in India, the J7 Prime doesn't come with a front LED flash, but in Brazil for example it does. I recommend checking the official Samsung website in your own country or in the country you intend to buy the phone at and see whether it comes with a front flash or not. Also make sure you write down the model number, because it makes it easier to find detailed information about the phone, even found the user manual where you can read all about the phone's features.

I am currently viewing the Galaxy J7 Pro product page Samsung India, therefore people who buy the J7 Pro in India will get the phone with a front LED flash.

OK, I've decided to spend a few minutes to check some of the Galaxy J7 Pro pages on other countries to see if all have a built-in front LED flash.

Philippines, Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia, China and Taiwan, the Galaxy J7 Pro (2017) comes with a front LED flash. I can just assume that we won't see the J7 Prime thing here, but again, just make sure you check out if this is an important feature to you. Cheers.

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  • According to the Galaxy J7 Pro user manual, the following models have a front LED flash: SM-J530F, SM530Y, SM-J730F, SM-J730G/DS, SM-J530F/DS, SM-530Y/DS, SM-J730F/DS, SM-J730GM/DS, SM-J530FM/DS, SM-J530YM/DS, SM-J730G. The thing is that I yet to come to a model that doesn't come with a front LED flash. But if the manual is for all those model and a front LED flash is mentioned, this means that all these models do come with one.