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I don't get it why OnePlus continues to bring phones that look almost exactly like the iPhone (judging by the official released OP5 images). The OnePlus 5 looks like the iPhone 7 Plus. This is disappointing, but not something that will prevent someone from buying the phone obviously.

If you thing that this is just me throwing some Pro-Apple comments, check out this Tweet and image posted by 9to5Mac on Twitter yesterday, June 7th, 2017.

As you can see, the new OnePlus 5 looks almost identical to the iPhone 7 Plus. As one user mentioned in the comments for that Tweet, that most phones today copy the iPhone design. I think that companies like OnePlus wouldn't have done it if it wasn't proven to help increase sales. Looking at the two phones side by side from the back, the only differences that I see is the Logo and the side button size and placement. The flash distance from the camera is slightly higher compared to the iPhone 7, but you can't not tell in a great certainty that OnePlus copied the iPhone 7 design.

I expect those companies to come up with their own unique design. To make their phones stand out from the rest. Buying one of those phones feels like buying a fake iPhone. It's not that those phones aren't powerful and have great features, they are. However, as a customer, I want to feel that I am buying a produce from a specific brand, feel and see the difference with my own eyes. Sony, HTC and many companies are doing it, giving their own unique touch to the design. I especially admire companies like HTC coming out with such a stunning design for its HTC U11 smartphone.

I hope that one day OnePlus will learn from those companies and make their phone looks different and unique among all the other phones.

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