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iPad Pro 10.5 inch narrow bezels

We already know that Apple is always striving to improve the design of the iPad from year to year. The new iPad Pro 10.5-inch now look better than ever, design wise. One of my favorite improvement is that it now has even slimmer side bezels. This means that the impact of the larger screen on the size of the tablet is reduced. You can enjoy an even larger display with less impact in weight and portability. Some websites mentioned the word 'bezeless', but obviously there are bezels, but there are ultra-slim for a tablet.

iPad Pro 10.5 inch alongside the 9.7, relative size comparison

The iPad Pro 10.5 version will feel like you are holding a display in your hand. More of the front is consumed by the display itself rather than the bezels around it. We are talking about around 78.3% aspect ratio compared to around 71.6%, at least this is what is mentioned in gsmarena, it might be slightly different than those numbers. The thing is that the less bezels you have, the better the viewing experience. Of course we need some bezels to be able to hold the device with the thumbs and have areas that won't react to touches. I wonder when we get to see a completely edge-to-edge screen on a tablet, but if this happens, I assume that Apple will make some designed adjustments to prevent accidental taps on the outer side of the display.

Here is an illustration I made that compares the difference in bezel and dimensions between the iPad Pro 9.7-inch and the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch version. This is not the actual size of course, just a relative size comparison.

iPad Pro 10.5-inch vs iPad Pro 9.7-inch size comparison side by side

You can clearly see that the new iPad 10.5 version isn't that large compared to the last year's 9.7-inch one. You can see that the bezels are now significantly narrower compared to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. I always enjoy seeing Apple improving the design while implementing even better technology into its tablets. It's just amazing how fast technology moves forward and allows even slimmer designs in an even more powerful tablet mobile devices.

By the way, according to some estimations about the bezel size prior to the announcement, some websites suggested a 7mm left and right sides and 19mm bezels on the top and bottom, so I guess this is what we are looking at, but I didn't measure it myself.

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