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Most tablets nowadays have 60Hz display refresh rate, Apple doubled that to a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. Scrolling content will appear much smoother and feel more responsive than ever before. It will work better with Apple Pencil for drawing and writing applications due to the very low industry-best latency of 20mns. If you thought this is it, Apple pulled out another rabbit from the hat and mentioned that iPad Pro 10.5-inch can adjust the refresh rate on-the-fly based on the content that you are currently looking at. For example, some apps that are more static will be adjusted to 24Hz, viewing image will be at 48Hz for example.

iPad 10.5-inch draw colors with Apple Pencil

The reason Apple brought this innovative technology is for two main reasons. the first one is to improve the viewing experience and to improve the integration of its complementary accessories with this new iPad, like with the Apple Pencil which I've just mentioned. Second, it's a mobile device, so it also developed it to improve the power efficiency. We all know how important is the battery life for those type of devices. People not just want to enjoy great content with superb visuals, but they want the battery to last longer. The iPad is a large device, at least compared to mobile phones, and therefore it hosts a very large battery. However, Apple makes both the hardware and the software, so it can develop new core technologies to help reduce the power consumption.

The end result of this new Dynamic Refresh Rate technology is better battery life. Apple is really proud of its display, not just because it provides users with the best viewing experience, it's also the most advanced display Apple ever made that helps also to reduce power consumption and provide users with better long lasting battery performance. No doubt, a superb display!

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User Opinions

  • I've just found out that Apple is actually not the first company to introduce a 120Hz display in a mobile device. Sharp did i in 2016 with its Aquos Compact SH-02H that game with a 120Hz IGZO LCD display, just saying.
  • I expect the battery even with that dynamic refresh rate tech to last about 4-7 hours tops. I always carry a battery pack just in case, which isn't a big deal and I can use my iPad all day long without worrying about any battery issues.