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The Xiaomi Mi 6 rear camera features a 4-axis optical image stabilization mechanism. The phone uses the accelerator and the gyroscope to detect phone's movement over 4-axis, including whether the phone tilts on the Y and X axis or moves on the X and Y axis. Then the camera knows how to compensate for the tilt and pan angular movements and calibrates it to take steady and blur-free shots.

Mi 6 4-axis OIS

The optical image stabilization (OIS) mechanism is essential, especially when capturing photos in low-light situations. Xiaomi implemented this OIS mechanism in the Mi6, so users can rest assured that no matter what and when they are shooting, they will get sharp images. For example, to get well-exposed photos under restricting low-light conditions, the camera needs to shoot a slower shutter speed. There is always an option to shoot at higher ISO sensitivity, but you probably already know that this creates more noise and negatively affects the image quality. The problem is that when the camera shoots in slow-shutter speed, every small movement can result in a blurry image. This is where the Mi 6 camera OIS kicks in, making sure to compensate for those movement, so your low-light photos will look sharp, even though they were shot in shutter speeds which are under the recommended for the particular lighting conditions.

The Mi 6 OIS is also useful when shooting videos, making sure that the videos remain stable even if you recording them while walking. This is certainly a features that we expect a new flagship model to have and it's definitely an advantage as far as the camera capability goes.

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