Sony Xperia L1 • Battery Disadvantage
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I'm disappointed to see this 5.5" phone with only 2620mAh battery capacity. Sony was the king of the batteries back then. It should have at least 3000mAh battery.
importance ranking: #1 in the 'Battery' category and #11 among all categories for Sony Xperia L1 device

User Opinions

  • 2620mAh battery for a 5.5-inch smartphone, this is a joke. Unless this phone really cost $100 or so, I would just ignore it.
  • I totally agree on that. The minimum for a 5.5-inch phone needs to be 3000mAh. I don't think there is an excuse for not putting in a larger battery, because the phone size is large. I don't mind giving up on other features. The battery is one of the most important features in a phone, without a long-lasting battery, we can't use our phones. I want my phone to last throughout the day without looking at the battery meter every time I use the phone and worrying that the battery might be out of charge anytime soon. Nowadays people are using their devices for doing many tasks like playing games, browsing the web, listening to music, etc. With a 2620 mAh battery even with average use, I just can't see this phone surviving half a day. If you don't use the phone a lot it's not an issue. I think that many people who buy a phone with a large display are those who actually do some heavy multimedia use and for them a larger battery is really important. This is why I think it's a mistake not putting a beefier battery in the Xperia L1.