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The Gionee A1 features an AMOLED display. Many of us learned to love the AMOLED display for its over-saturated colors and deep blacks. The AMOLED display also benefit from lower power consumption, because when it displays a black color, it just shuts down those specific pixels that represent a black color. I love AMOLED displays for playing games and watching movies. It also makes any picture that I take with the phone's camera more enjoyable to watch, nothing is boring. Once I've taken a very boring photo of a lake and grass near my house. It was very boring to look at with my own eyes, but when I viewed the image on the phone, I've kind of like it, because the scene turned out to be much more vivid and alive.

Playing games is amazing on an AMOLED display, because of the vividness. This works amazingly well for games with dark scenes and lots of bright colorful particle effects or just games with a lot of colors in them. For example, UnKilled looks amazing on an AMOLED display, also Asphalt Nitro. Watching movies is also something I do on my Samsung Galaxy S7 because its Super AMOLED display. I have phones with IPS LCD, but I found myself switching devices when I want to play games or watch a movie in my bed.

The Gionee A1 does give you an option to tone down the colors a bit if you find them too colorful to your liking. I for once, don't like the over-saturated colors when browsing the web. The orange, reds and green just look way of the chart and I prefer the more subtle colors of the IPS LCD. If you care about color accuracy, this isn't the screen for you. I have a friend that like editing his images in his phone using several photo-editing apps. He found the AMOLED display to be unbearable because he can't choose the right colors and no for sure how the effects will turned out to look like when that photo is viewed on his home computer or when printed.

Having said, I think most people that love playing games and watch videos on their phone will enjoy the AMOLED display better than the IPS LCD. The bold rich colors coming out from the AMOLED display will make games and movies and the whole viewing experience just more captivating in my opinion. This is you don't care about accurate color representation and you don't mind the inferior outdoor visibility, which LCDs seems to do better in that department.

importance ranking: #2 in the 'Display' category and #9 among all categories for Gionee A1 device

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