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I was expecting a better chipest than the MediaTek Helio P10 one considering its price (INR 21,999, around $335). This is a processor that you found on much cheaper phones, like the Elephone P9000 (~$170), Blackview R7 (~$130), Alcatel Flash Plus (~$156), Umi Super (~$159), definitely not for a phone that costs equivalent to around $335 USD.

For this price (maybe adding a tiny bit more) you can buy the OnePlus 3, which comes with the much better Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset and Adreno 530 GPU instead of the Mali-T860Mp2. It has the same screen size and resolution, but comes with 6GB of RAM (compared to 4GB) and can capture 4K videos. OK, I won't get into a side by side specs comparison here, but at least when it comes to performance, the Gionee A1 really disappoints. It's not like the phone has any other remarkable specs that makes that trade off worthwhile. It's an good all around phablet, but nothing more. Putting the Helio P10 chip is just laughing at people in their faces in my opinion.

So the bottom line is that at least when it comes to performance, there are better alternatives out there. So before you put your money on the Gionee A1, you should probably check out those other alternatives as well.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Performance & Hardware' category and #1 among all categories for Gionee A1 device

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  • Hi there Spook, I totally agree with you on that. I like the G1 overall, it's not a bad phone, but they just screw up with the processor. I think they just wanted to make a good all-around performer for an affordable price as you mentioned. I am not saying it isn't, but we can't ignore what the competition has to offer. The 2016 processors are now cheaper than ever and we will get to see those what were high-end processors in 2016, found themselves in mid-range phones in 2017. For a 2017 phone, this is poor showing. Gionee should have equipped this phone with better processor to make it more attractive and certainly more competitive compared to other phones, like the OnePlus 3 that comes with the SnapDragon 820, 6GB of RAM, 4K video recording, USB-C, great camera, front-mounted fingerprint reader, etc. The only main downside of the OnePlus 3 in my opinion compared to the Gionee A1 is that its 3000 mAh battery (vs 4000 mAh), but other than that, I would buy the OP3 without thinking twice.