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The Huawei P10 Plus features an upgraded dual-camera Leica camera at the back of the phone what Huawei called Leica Dual Camera 2.0 Pro. This dual-camera setup uses two same exact high-resolution sensors, but one is an RGB Bayer sensor, while the second one is a monochrome sensor. There is a difference between the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus in that regard. The P10 Plus features a more professional setup with Dual Camera 2.0 which consists of two 28mm equivalent focal length lenses, each on with f/1.8 aperture Leica SUMMILUX-H optics. The monochrome sensor comes with a 20MP resolution and the RGB sensor in 12-megapixel resolution, while the monochrome one comes with 12MP resolution. The P10, however, comes with a less impressive setup: slower f/2.2 lenses and Leica SUMMARIT lenses.

Huawei P10 Plus dual-camera

The Huawei P10 Plus was optimized to allow users to take artistic photos and comes with advanced technologies that allow you to take better portrait and macro shots.

The Huawei P10 Plus uses the two sensors to help produce images with clearer and sharper details, with more vivid and brighter colors. It can also allow photographers to produce a very shallow depth of field effect any even apply it after you've taken the image. This is a software-based Bokeh effect using an advanced depth-of-field algorithm for creating a beautiful and natural looking background blur effect, while still keeping the other details in the image sharp.

This of course really help when taking portrait shots, but Huawei has also implemented a precise 3D facial detection (up to 190 points of recognition) that helps improve the Bokeh effect in the Leica Style Portraiture Portrait mode, apply studio-like re-lighting effect for portraits shots using the dynamic illumination feature and there are other portrait enhancement for providing natural beautification enhancements to help you get professional portrait images.

Another great use of the dual-lens setup is that it can give you a software 2x Hybrid Zoom with excellent clarity. It basically works the same as the Huawei P9. On top of that, Huawei also added an optical image stabilization.

The Dou-lens camera setup is definitely designed to help you achieve better-looking images and take even better portrait shots. The use of Leica's optics and software technologies should take the P10 to the next level, at least when it comes to portrait capture. No doubt that Leica's experience in the field can really help here, and in the launch event, we could see some really stunning portrait shots taken by a professional photographer. It has all the right ingredients it needs to produce superb-looking photos.

You can also take advantage of the monochrome sensor to capture authentic Black and White photos with better depth, contrast and definition compared to image that has been processed from a color image.

Here is the video of the Huawei P10 showing the portrait features. Those are of course available in the P10 Plus as well.

Of course the Huawei P10 Plus isn't the only phone out there that glorifies itself with its dual-camera setup, but it has one of the most impressive specs and the Leica brand isn't just there for the beauty of it and I'm sure this phone will appeal to enthusiast photographers looking for the next great phone with sophisticated and useful photography features.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Camera' category and #3 among all categories for Huawei P10 Plus device

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