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The ARCHOS 55 is a proof that in 2017 we are going to see more and more dual-lens camera in budget phones, the Archos 55 Graphite is one of the proved for it. This budget Android phone features a rear dual-lens camera setup. One lens has a 13MP sensor behind it and the second one features a 2MP sensor. This duo-lens camera configuration is used to enable the camera to capture sharper images with more details, as well as, according to the official specs, shoot wide-angle shots and produce a more prominent shallow depth of field effect.

Archos 55 Grahpite dual-lens camera

I'm so excited to see this type of camera in cheaper devices. We used to see this feature in premium phones, but I new that in 2017 phone vendors will brings this feature down the pipeline and make it available in cheaper phones.

The Archos 55 Graphite Bokeh effect works in the same way as it works in the Honor V9, Vivo Xplay6, and Vivo V5 Plus. You have an aperture slider which you can use to apply a simulated aperture effect which affects the amount of blur applied to the background of the image. You can also decide in which area to apply it. Archos calls it "after capture focus selection effect", but the idea is the same.

This is an amazing feature that allows Arhos 55 Graphite owners to take more creative shots, with the same beautiful shallow depth of field effect that you get if you've taken the same shot with a DSLR camera and a fast lens. Just note that this is a simulated effect, it's not like the camera actually changes the aperture. The aperture of the Archose 55 Graphite lenses is fixed and doesn't change. This effect is produces via software, but it's of a very good quality, so it's hard to notice whether this effect was produced using a professional camera or a mobile phone camera, and that it the beauty of it. It's like having a DSLR camera in your pocket, at least when it comes to producing beautiful background blur effect. Because it's done using software, you can apply the blur for certain focus areas, which is something that you don't get to have in interchangeable lens cameras. The Lytro Light field Camera was able to do this using dedicated hardware, but the price of that camera is expensive and it's not in a smartphone.

A great advantage for the Archos 55 Graphite, at least in the photography department.

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