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The Huawei P10 ca shoot in slo-mo mode at either FHD 1080p 120 fps (16:9, Stereo sound) or in HD 720p 120 fps (16:9, Stereo sound). Of course the Huawei P10 just can't match the amazing 960 fps ultra slow-motion capture of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, but it's nice to have this feature onboard. Shooting slow-mo videos is really fun because it gives you the opportunity to capture some really cool footage. It's like being able to slow-down time. By doing so, you can observe details and movement in the scene in a way that you can't even see with your own eyes. When I see something moves really fast and it's an interesting subject, I almost always feel the need to take out my phone and capture a slo-mo vid.

I think that as image processors get more powerful, we are going to see more and more phones offering slow-mo recording with faster frame-rates. The XZ Premium is a high-end device and this is the reason it can shoot at such an ultra-fast frame rate. The XZ uses a unique sensor with a DRAM which exists onboard. This allows data to be cached much faster before it's written out of the sensor. It's still better than my previou P9 lite that can only record slow-mo at 620x480 120fps. The Huawei P9 can shoot at 720p at 120 FPS (51 Mbps bitrate).

Anyways, the Huawei P10 offers nice slo-mo frame rate options for shooting slo-mo videos. In that aspect, it has an advantage over the P9 and P9 lite and over many phones inits price range that don't even offer the ability to hoot creative slow-motion videos, so definitely a great advanced for those who like having a lot of camera shooting options to capture really unique videos.

importance ranking: #9 in the 'Camera' category and #12 among all categories for Huawei P10 device

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