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The Huawei P10 is available in a very wide selection of colors, including: Dazzling Blue, Ceramic White, Dazzling Gold, Prestige Gold, Graphite Black, Mystic Silver, Rose Gold and Greenery. However, there is a little secret sauce behind some of those colors. Huawei has partnered with PANTONE Colour Institute to aid them with choosing the colors for their next phones, the P10 and P10 Plus.

Huawei P10 all color variations

Leatrice Eiseman, an executive direction in Pantone Color Institute game a long presentation, talking about what Pantone has chosen certain colors for those phones. She talked about the Greenery 150343 color and mentioned some of the words that explain how we feel when we look at that certain color. so the Greenery is associated with: refresh, restore, new, reinvigorate, fresh, lively, vibrant, persuasive, etc. The second color, the Dazzling Blue, is said to be associated with: constancy, reliable, mysterious, mesmerizing, thought provoking, deep authentic, consistent, hypnotic, trustworthy etc.

I have to admit that it was quit a long and tedious explanation, but it's nice that Huawei put a great deal of effort into the design of the phone and introduce it with a wide selection of colors. I don't know if Pantone was involved in all the colors or just the Dazzling Blue and the Greenery, but I have to admit that those colors look really nice and inviting. The green one is really unique and captivating. Each color as its own unique appeal of course and it's nice to get to understand the story behind the color, it makes you appreciate the effort and work behind designing the Huawei P10 even more.

If I get the P10, I think I am going with the green one. I know that many of my vegetarian friends will definitely will be getting the green one :) By the way, did you know that the Greenery 15-0343 was chosen as the Color of the Year 2017.

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