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As much as I love the S7 edge rear-facing camera, I am very disappointed to see that the Galaxy S8+ comes with the same exact camera module, same sensor, same lens, same everything. To be honest, it's really frustrating to see this, because one of the things that I personally wait for the most is the camera. We've already seen many phone vendors showcasing their dual-lens cameras, allowing users to take pure Black and White images and capture pictures with stunning DSLR-like Bokeh effect. Some even brought this to the front camera as well. We've also seen phones with AR cameras that support Google Tango and even some 5x optical zoom prototype from Oppo.

I had very high expectations after seeing what other companies camera up with. I knew that the S8+ will come with a single-lens camera because of the leaked photos. However, I wasn't expecting to see the same exact camera. Usually Samsung spend a chunk of minutes talking about the camera technology, but in the S8/S8+ event, they gave it maybe 30 seconds, nothing more. Of course there is nothing to talk about, because it's the same camera as the Galaxy S7/S7 edge. The presenter, can't remember his name, only said that "we can take high quality images even in low-light", something like that. Really, "even in low-light"?! This is not what I've expected from a market leader, let alone from a flagship device, and also an expensive one.

Samsung added a multi-frame image feature (thee images, best is selected). OK, nice, but this is it? I think that Samsung just put this features there because it's easy to implement and maybe it just wanted to show that there is something new with the camera, so people won't be disappointed. Consumers aren't dumb, they see that this is the same camera and be really upset. I really wanted to see Samsung passing the Google Pixel in DxOMark mobile camera test, but I guess we will be looking at the same score. I don't think that DxOMark will even bother checking it twice, because it's the same camera as the S7 which they already reviewed.

Anyways, on deduct one point, and as an enthusiast photographer who loves Samsung's mobile phones, I am seriously considering skipping this phone this time around.

importance ranking: #2 in the 'Camera' category and #17 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy S8+ device

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  • The multi-frame takes three shots and helps improve the image quality, so it's pretty useful features. This is possible due to the new Exynos processor.