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Orchid grey variant

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ will also be available in Orchid Grey as well. I've seen phones coming in many different colors, but I have to say that Samsung has nailed it with this one. I personally love this orchid grey because it's gives the phone a really classic, somewhat retro and prestigious look. I'm sure many women will love putting their hands on this device. It's much more sophisticated looking then a red or pink that many phone manufacturers bring to the table.

An orchid grey is grey with strong purple tilt to it. It follow this naming conversion because it resembles the rich purple color of the Orchid flower. There are various different tones of that orchid color that range from grayish purple (the same one used for the Galaxy S8+) to purplish-pink to a strong reddish purple.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ in Orchid Grey color

In 2014, Pantone has chosen Orchid as the color of the year. This color was trending quite heavily that year. It seems that this royal color has lost its spark since then but it's now doing its comeback. Purple color is most tied to positive emotions. I think that a radiant orchid grey could have been nice too, but it's more pinkish than the one used in the orchid grey in the S8+. I think that the grey ting really compliment the metal sheen of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ frame. It's makes it even more "royal purple". The color purple is associated with royalty, power and wealth. I've read on that this color was used in the Elizabethan era (1558 to 1603), which in that time there were laws that restricted which colors should be used by different classes within the English society. The purple color was use by the royalty family and other classes were forbidden to wear purple clothes. This is very interesting, I wasn't aware of that historic fact.

I assume that Samsung has chosen the Orchid Grey for its luxurious look. The phone itself really look stunning, modern and sleek, and what better way to compliment this look then a retro-style retro color, it really makes it look like any other phone we've seen to date.

If you Google the word "purple phones" in google images, you can see that there are tones of phones with a purple color, and many of them are probably designed to appeal to girls, but I know many men that would have loved to put their hands on the Orchid Grey Samsung Galaxy S8+. By the way, I really dislike the bold purple color for phones, but the combination of grey and purple make it look really unique. I tried to find a phone that comes with an orchid grey color like the one used in the Galaxy S8/S8+ and couldn't find even on (used Google image search engine). I even went further and tried the similar images by dragging the orchid grey image of the Galaxy S8+ in google image search and chose the purple color to see if I can find any mobile phone with color close to the s8+ one, couldn't find one. What I did see is purple ties, greeting cards (mainly greeting cards), book covers, jewelry cases, love letters, wedding books and perfumes, but no mobile phone whatsoever.

This Orchid grey color is really hard to judge by a computer rendering. I found this image on tweeter that shows how the orchid grey Galaxy S8+ looks like in real life. To be honest (leaving the oily fingerprint smudges aside), it looks even better than the leaked press release images. You can see that it's more grey than purple.

I wish we get to see more of this great-looking color on other phones and hopefully the S8+ will be introduces in more cool colors like this one. If I buy the Samsung Galaxy S8+, I will buy it in Orchid Grey color for sure. You have to agree with me that it's much better looking and looks more premium than the mirror grey Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

importance ranking: #6 in the 'Design' category and #7 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy S8+ device

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