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Moto G5 Plus rear camera with image of a flower

The Motorola Moto G5 Plus rear-facing camera produces on of the the most beautiful to watch images that I've seen coming from a mobile phone, at least in my observation. It really does an amazing job all across the board, including color reproduction, sharpness, dynamic range, image details, etc.

Color Rendering and Dynamic Range

The Motorola Moto G5 Plus (Moto G Plus 5th generation) rear camera produces one of the most enchanting colors I've seen. The colors that the rear camera produces are just unbelievable. The large 1.4-micron pixels and a fast f/1.7 aperture lens allows tons of light to pass through the lens and therefore gives the Bayer interpolation algorithm enough colors data to produce some striking yet accurate colors.

If you want to know why I am so excited, you can check out some Moto G5 Plus sample images on the web. Here are some Moto G5 camera samples taken by Tony Montez Dodd. I think that the photographer did us a great justice taken these particular shots, because it really demonstrates how beautiful, vivid yet balance the colors in the G5 Plus images are. Of course it also has to do with the way the Moto G5 Plus process the colors data, but there is not doubt in my mind that the light gathering capability of the camera allows had a big contribution to that. The wide dynamic range helps produce some stunning gradation, which you can see in the photo of the red flower. You can also see how authentic the green in the photo renders (see the flower's leaves).

Image Details and Sharpness

. You just don't see those image processing artifacts in the Moto G5 Plus camera samples. This is how I want sample images to look like, pure and not over quite mediocre and probably intensive image processing going on behind the scene. If you do some pixel-peeping, you can clearly see that at full resolution and when viewing in 100% magnification, the G6 rear camera's image quality extra sharpness has tons or image processing JPEG artifacts that is due to LG G6The optics are also really sharp and you can see how well the camera renders the fine details, how well they are preserved in the photo. Just zoom in on the flower image and check out how sharp yet smooth the details are. when I say smooth I don't mean blurry. I mean that you ca clearly see by inspecting the edge of the flower and the smallest details that there wasn't any extra sharpness applied. There are absolutely no jaggies whatsoever. If you want to know what I don't like, you can check out the LG G6 sample images, any sample image, and magnify the image 100%. You can see that the

. Every tiny details is visible in the image. Take a look at the middle portion of the pinkish flower, the style, anther and the filaments, it's unbelievable how sharp they are. There is no need for any magic trick to make the image look good, it just looks amazing straight out of the camera with basic image processing. I can spot the smallest dust particle on the flower, this is how sharp the G5 Plus main camera is. Take a look at the vivid image of the cookies and look at the scratches in the plastic tray. This is how sharp this camera is, wow!tack sharpAlso take a look at any image and zoom if fully. The camera samples taken at low ISO show how sharp the image is—

The Moto G5 Plus produces exceptional image quality in low-ISO with brilliant colors, noise-free images in low-ISO, tack-sharp images, stunning gradation and wide dynamic range. At the time where many people are focusing on the LG G6 camera performance (which I personally dislike), I look at the Moto G5 Plus being blown away. The image quality is based on my observation of the sample images that I've seen taken with the Motorola Moto G Plus 5th generation rear-facing camera.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Camera' category and #1 among all categories for Moto G5 Plus device

User Opinions

  • I've just read on that the Moto G5 Plus has the same camera specs as the Samsung Galaxy S7, so no wonder it performs so well :)
  • Not only that, but the G5 Plus cost around $370 less than the Galaxy S7, what a value indeed.
  • We can see that in 2017 more and more mid-range phones will get to inherit premium features that until now we got to see only in premium high-end devices. The G5 Plus camera is one of them in my opinion, having such a great sensor with the f1.7 aperture in a mid-range phone isn't something to take for granted.
  • Totally agree with your analysis. The Moto G5+ image quality is superb, even at higher ISO speed it still performs amazingly well. I like you really like the colors. I viewed those JPEG test shots on my brother's Asus PA32BQ which is a monitor he uses for editing his photos (he is a professional photographer), and those colors just pop out, so rich and vibrant. This is no doubt one of the strongest showing of the Sony sensor used in this camera. I believe it's the Exmor RS, Anyways, superb performance.