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The Moto G5 Plus features a very fast PDAF autofocus system. The Moto G5 Plus rear camera uses a Sony sensor that has large 1.4μm pixels, and it also sports a fast dual-pixel phase-detection AF system. If this is the same sensor as the Vivo Xplay 6, we are looking at around 0.03 second AF performance, which is super fast. The official Moto G5 Plus page is kind of a gimmicky and doesn't tell you a lot of about the technical aspects of this camera, but it does say that this sensor is able to lock onto a subject 60% faster than the G4 Plus.

I just want to bring up some of the confusion behind the Moto G5 Plus sensor. I myself get very confused and still couldn't find out the exact sensor model used for the rear camera of the Moto G5 Plus.

So which sensor model is it, the IMX260, IMS262 or IMX362?

This dual pixel autofocus technology works the same way its works in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom. Each pixel is split into two parts, and it works in the same principle as our own eyes work. The large pixels collect more light that further improve the performance of this PDAF system. However, in the official website Motorola wrote that this AF system, and I quote: "Utilizing 10 times more pixels on the sensor". So 10 times compared to what? I guess compared to the G4. Are all the sensor's pixels are used for the PDAF or just some of them?

The Sony IMX260 features Sony's Exmor RS Stacked back-illuminated sensor technology and a full-chip PDAF technology. Each pixel on the sensor is split into two photodiodes, which what allows the camera to calculate the AF using phase-difference algorithms. So this is the same sensor uses on the Galaxy S7 models that come with the Sony sensor (some come with a Samsung S5K2L1 ISOCELL one). Even the lens is the same, an f/1.7 lens.

Other sources suggest that this is the Sony IMX262 sensor and a leaked tweet by Roland Quandt on twitter suggested the Sony IMX362. I think that if it was the same sensor as the Galaxy S7, Motorola would have mentioned that the entire pixels of the sensor are dedicated for the PDAF autofocus system, not just saying "10 times more pixels". This suggests that only part of the pixels are used for the AF system, which means that it cannot be the IMX260 sensor, the same one used in the S7, but I am just assuming here.

I do believe that it's either the IMX262 or the IMX362. Another thing weird here that I think that Motorola wouldn't have mentioned the word "Dual Autofocus Pixels" if it wasn't for the whole pixel array to feature dual-pixel technology. If some of the pixels are used for phase-detection, you don't say that this is a Dual Autofocus Pixel technology.

Anyways, bottom line is that whatever sensor it is, you can expect very fast autofocus performance from the main camera of the Moto G5 Plus, and at the end of the day, what matters is that the subjects in the image will appear sharp, and I think it's safe to say that the G5 Plus can achieve that.

importance ranking: #4 in the 'Camera' category and #8 among all categories for Moto G5 Plus device

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