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Although the Intex Aqua Lions 4G is a really cheap phone (INR 5499, ~$82), I didn't expect it to come with such a low quality display. It comes with a 5-inch TN display, with 480x854 pixel resolution and the screen can display only 267K colors. This is an really disappointing low-quality screen. This is an unacceptable resolution for a large display in 2017, at least in my opinion. The screen pixel density translates to 196 PPI, again, substandard. The touch sensitive panel can only recognize 2 fingers.

There are better phones out there for just a bit more. Most of the screens of the mobile phones these days can display 16M colors and have at least HD resolution. Of course there is also the segment of very cheap smartphone that are released for people on a very low budget that still want to enjoy the Android experience. This is great option of course, but I was expecting more from even a cheap phone in 2017.

By the way, this resolution is called Full Wide video Graphics Array or FWVGA for short. You can still find many phone that support this resolution from Huawei, LG, Micromax, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Wiko and many others. However, I'm pretty positive that the market for those phones will shrink considerably in 2017. More and more phones under $100 will start to offer HD displays. Some examples are the Huawei SnapTo which comes with a 5-inch 1280x720 pixel resolution (HD), LG G Stylo and Lenovo Golden Warrior S8, all have HD display and all cost below the $100 price.

This trend will continue to show it's strong presence in the first quarter of 2017 and on. I would think twice before picking up a phone with that resolution and limited display colors.

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  • I agree with your assessment, but the Intex Aqua Lions 4G costs around $82. If it came with a smaller display, maybe Intex would opted of a higher resolution. At this price you have to make some compromises. They added 4G support, an Quad-core processor, microSD card slot, a good 2000 mAh battery and reasonable cameras, I don't think they had room for a higher quality display, this would just higher the cost. I agree that there are better alternatives out there and in order for Intex to stay competitive they have to also release smartphones that sits in the gap between their cheapest devices and their entry-level. Having a very cheap device is good, because there are many people who can't afford to pay more for a smarphone and for them this is an affordable price, anything else is out of their budget.