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Oppo A37 front-facing selfie camera

The Oppo A37 features a front-facing 5MP selfie camera, utilizing a 1/4-inch camera image sensor and a f/2.4 aperture lens. The Oppoa A37 is an entry-level phone, so we obviously can't expect it to have a top-notch speced front camera. Some might find it a bit odd that the front-camera comes with such a low resolution.

Although the front camera is indeed quite crippled when it comes to resolution, you need to remember that photo resolution isn't everything. In fact, 5MP is way more than enough for sharing your photos on the web and even for making high quality A4 prints. The reason Samsung has chosen to go with this low-res sensor is to allow users to enjoy high-quality images and good low-light performance. The front camera sensor has 1.4-micron size pixels. These are relatively large sensor considering that many front-facing camera come with sensor that has pixels in size ranging between 1.0-1.2μm.

The sensor itself is very small, measuring 4.50mm diagonal and 3.60x2.70mm in size which translates to a crop-factor of 10.81 compared to a full frame camera. Just in comparison, the iPhone 5 came with a 1/3.2" (5.68x4.54mm), the iPhone 6 sports a 1/3" (6.00x4.80mm) sensor. Of course having a 12MP or worse, a 16-megapixel resolution in this tiny sensor would negatively impact the image quality and the low-light performance. The large pixel should help in bumping up the dynamic range, improve color reproduction and result in images with less noise.

Here is the a promotional video of the OPPO A37 in OPPO Mayanmar YouTube channel.

So the question is how these technical specs translate to image quality in practice?

The Oppo A37 is a selfie-centric mobile phone, at least Oppo was marketing it as such. It comes with a Screen Flash feature, sports the Beautify 4.0 technology with seven levels of intelligent beautification and two modes of different skin tones.

The Oppo A3 can capture gorgeous selfie photos and it really shines when shooting outdoors. Indoors, it's still performs admirably well, even though it doesn't feature a relatively slow f/2.4 aperture lens. It's better to have a f/2.0 or even faster aperture lens to enjoy every tiny bit of light when shooting in non-optimal lighting conditions.

Here are some pages with selfie images taken with the Oppo A37:

fashionbyruda.com - there are three selfie images, one taken in a room-lighting and two others outside in shade lighting and bright daylight without shade. As you can see, the images are very detailed, the colors looks really great, especially the skins tones and the pinkish lip color which just looks very natural.

indianshringar.com - there are four images of a woman face, three of them show the Beauty 4.0 mode in different settings applied. This beautification mode really smoothens the face and makes imperfections much less visible. The algorithm behind it obviously favor skin tones so although your skin will appear smoother and cleaner, the other areas of your body like the hair, eyes, clothes and the other objects in the scene will still appear sharp.

thefashionflite.com - there is a selfie image in the post taken in relatively dark room with a front light (probably the screen flash) and you can see that the colors are so vivid yet very natural, a beautiful selfie image. Scroll down and you can find two other selfie images, one show in low-light and the other with beautify mode with no makeup, again, images look really nice wen well lit. The on-screen flash really works well in brighten your face, in a better way that a LED flash would do, because the light is larger and it produced less harsh illumination.

The Oppo A37 will certainly appeal to the younger crowd who is searching for an affordable Android mobile phone that can take great selfies and have some nice portrait enhancement features built-in.

So overall, I think that for a phone that cost around $160 (around Rs. 10800), it offers some really useful selfie features and a very good front-facing camera. It's great that Oppo has chosen to go with a lower resolution front camera, which is not normally what other phone manufacturers go for. Many of them prefer using a very high megapixel resolution just to impress buyers with large numbers, but I'm sure that once you test out the front camera, you'll be satisfy with its performance. There is no doubt that with a higher resolution sensor and considering the relatively slow f/2.4 aperture lens, the phone would have performed much worse. So overall good specs and camera performance for all the selfie fans out there.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Camera' category and #1 among all categories for Oppo A37 device

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  • Indeed, many people love this OPPO A37 for its ability to create natural-looking and eye-catching selfie images. The Beautify 4.0 shooting mode is a really welcomes feature that helps you to get the best selfie picture without any efforts and without needing to spend time perfecting it in various selfie apps, it's done automatically and the results are really impressive.