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I was really disappointed to see such a strong sharpening apply to images after seeing the LG G6 sample images posted on phonearena.com. In the image taken of the fountain in Placa Catalunya in Barcelona, if you zoom out the image to 100% scale, you can see clearly see that the water of the fountain has lots of noise, there. This is not because the sensor is noisy, but because of the strong sharpening that is applied to the tiny water drops that makes those tiny particles appear like image noise. You can see that the other areas around the water is relatively very clean and that image was shot at ISO750.

Another image is the one with the Vodafone bicycles that was shot in daylight at ISO50, the lowest ISO sensitivity available in the LG G6. Just zoom it full and take a look at the leaves area and the bicycles, there are tons of jaggies artifacts there. It even make the image looks a bit unnatural because of the transitions between the high and low contrast areas. You probably won't notice that in low-scale image, I didn't notice it, until I enlarged the image.

All the other images seem to suffer from the same thing. Look at the image of the Tapas restaurant night photo. Take a look at the chair's legs there, you can see that it has noise-like dots surrounding it, it's because of the very strong sharpening and it is more visible in areas that have a high contrast edges. It really ruins the image quality. I mean, the LG G6 sensor is capable of capturing very high quality image, why ruin it with so much sharpening.

I know it's a pre-production model but unless someone played with the settings, which I don't believe so, this certainly suggests that something is wrong with the default camera settings. I just hope that there is a way to disable it, because if not, this is going to be a disaster for the LG G6 camera.

Phone manufacturers usually tweak the camera settings an apply a strong sharpening to make the image look sharper. I really don't think that the LG G6 needs that, it has such an amazing sensor. If it was on for specific type of scenes I can understand that, but it works in every scene, even in bright daylight with fast shutter speed, there is just no reason for it to work in that particular lighting situation.

You can check out all the sample images here.

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User Opinions

  • It's not very strong sharpening, but I've seen the sample image comparison of the LG G6 vs LG G5 and Galaxy S7 edge, and you can clearly see (focus on the colorful pencils), that the LG G6 applies sharpening. This is something that many reviewers haven't brought up. Although it's not that prominent, it does effect images with lots of details, so it's not just that it that you can see it only in 100% magnification, it does affect the image even when viewed in smaller size. Not a huge issue though. I wonder why LG did it. The image sharpness and the amount of details are mind blowing, there is not need for extra sharpening.
  • I saw the sample images, it's really weird to see those noise patterns around the text in the low light image. I don't know what the cause of it. Maybe it's just bad image processing algorithm. It even appears in daylight. I've seen some daylight images where this is not present, so I really can't point out the reason why it's like that.