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The LG G6 comes with a very useful feature which according to their Google Plus page it is called 'Square'. In this Square shooting mode, you can actually see an instant preview of what you shot. This mode was mean for taking 1:1 aspect ratio pictures, this is one of the reasons I guess LG called it Square. The real-time viewfinder is at the top, showing you a live feed of what the camera sees. Once you press the shutter button to capture the shot, a preview will appear at the bottom half of the screen with an icon which allows you to quickly delete the image. This is an amazing feature. Just imagine how many times on other camera apps you had to click the little image icon to see previous taken shots and decide whether you want to keep them or not?

In fact, most people don't even bother with this, they just shoot pictures and later choose which images to delete. The problem with this is that there are many bad photos that just cramp up space on your device. I personally find it very frustrating deleting dozen of images when I come home. When I travel, it can even become managing hundreds of images that I personally prefer to delete. I only want to keep the best one, which I intend to later share with family and friends.

The LG G6 Square shooting mode is a great feature that I personally think I'll be shooting with by default. I know that when I use it, I won't need to manage my photos library because I know that only the best images will be there.

Here is a video that demonstrates the Square shooting mode.

How cool is that? those little features that no other is thinking about that really improves the usability and make shooting even more fun and less frustrating. This uniquely designed shooting mode takes advantage of the new UX 6.0 design that was designed to take advantage of the 18:9 aspect ratio screen. This mode like other UI features was designed to take advantage of the extra real estate that this new screen aspect ratio offers. In fact, this 18:9 screen allows two perfectly square windows to appear side by side, whether horizontally or vertically. This will be used across apps to deliver better multitasking experience, and we can see it appearing in the camera app as well in the form of the Square shooting mode.

I actually can think of another way to do it, by sliding up a preview window other from the side or the bottom , but nothing come close to being able to see a preview at the same time you capture the shot and decide on the spot whether you want to delete the previously taken image or not.

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  • It's part of their Square UX design. You can check out the LG G5: UX teaser video on the official LG Mobile Global youtube channel, you can see that it's part of their new innovative UX and it influenced that specific camera app mode.