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over-processed image of Anemones flowers

As of my observation and after analyzing sample image the regular angle lens, lead me to a conclusion that the LG G6 images coming straight out of the camera are over-processed. By saying 'over-processed', I mean that the image processed in a way that they look unnatural in some degree and it was better if that processing was less aggressive. This is something that I saw many reviewers missing to mention. In my observation, the LG G6 image processing boosts the vividness, apply sharpening and adds more contrast. This is very visible in many sample photos that I've seen on the web. For example, take a look at the sample images that were captures by androidcentral.com.

Now, it's important that you open the photos on a new tab and view them in their full resolution (it's still not the max resolution of the camera, but it allows you to see what I mean). Take a look at the image with the wooden log in the middle. Now focus on the green grass on its left side. You can clearly see that the LG G6 sample has is first of all much more vivid. In fact, it looks a bit unnatural. You can also see some jaggies alongside the grass leaves. Now look at the LG V20 photo at the same place: the green looks much more natural and there are no jaggies. Now look at the photo as a whole, which one look more natural to you? I'm sure you picked up the LG V20 one. I don't need to be at the seen to see that the color reproduction is not good on the G6 and it's way over-processed. It's like LG wanted to make the photo look more appealing with this super vivid colors and sharper with the added sharpness and boost in contrast. Trust me, making your image more vivid is really simple. You have many apps that do it and I think you can also do it in the camera app settings. I personally prefer capturing the scene in its natural view, as unprocessed as possible. I wouldn't mind having some nice vivid colors, as long as the image look natural, but that specific image doesn't look so natural to me.

In some of the other sample photos the extra vividness looks pretty nice, like the image with the candies and in the dark room with the red walls. Having said that, I just don't get why the hell LG had to apply extra sharpening, which ruin the per-pixel sharpness and make it less suitable for editing later on. I would probably prefer shooting in RAW format just not to have this over-processed results.

The thing is that you really don't know which image will look good with that over-processing thing and which is not. This is why I prefer maybe having an option to set it in or off and not having it by default. If I want to make a certain image look more vivid with more striking colors, I can always do it before uploading and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In fact, most of the social photo sharing apps do have an option to apply filters before you upload your photos.

The only reason why I think some people might like it, is because most people don't want to mass around with filters and image editing of any type and just want their images to look really cool straight out of the box. However, this is LG's flagship phone and I'm sure that many people who buy it are very much aware of this things. Some people in the comment section on androidcentral.com mentioned that the LG G6 images look sharper, but of course they are, the image processor applied extra sharpening. I think that most people didn't even bother to look closely and inspect the image at 100% magnification. It would have been even more evident if there was a full-resolution image, not a scale-down resolution one.

I think this is not a good way to impress an enthusiast photographer, one that pays attention to those fine details. This is why I this issue as a disadvantage. I am interested to hear what you guys think.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Camera' category and #2 among all categories for LG G6 device

User Opinions

  • I've seen some test shots and many of them look quite soft in full scale and I think this is why LG applied more sharpness. Regarding the colors, it's quite subjective, I personally like slightly oversaturated colors, I can't care less about accurate colors.
  • The images do look over-processed, I agree. I wonder if there is an option in the camera app to disable this extra sharpening and extra saturation. I liked the LG V20 images better than the G6. The boost in sharpness actually makes it harder to distinguish between the dry grass leaves in that image, it looks like a mass, whether on the V20 it looks really good.