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The LG G6 produces really impressive high-resolution videos. The LG G6 can shoot in various resolutions, including in 18:9 aspect ratio and also in 4K/UHD. The 18:9 aspect ratio video recording was design to be viewed on the native screen resolution of the LG G6. It's a wider shot that was obviously designed so you can view those videos on the entire screen of the G6 without black borders. When viewing 16:9 videos on the G6 you'll get black borders because the image has to fit to a different aspect ratio display.

The image quality is superb, especially in 4K. I've seen plenty of sample videos on YouTube and really love realistic color reproduction, the exposure and sharpness. The great thing about the LG G6 camera is that it allows its owners to record videos in either a narrow field of view or the very wide-angle field of view. This allows you to capture a footage that looks completely different than the normal lens. I think that the wider angle is just superb for landscapes, streets, architecture and indoor photography. You can capture videos that otherwise would look really dull and uninteresting, but with the wide angle lens they will look very interesting.

Here is a great LG G6 camera sample shot by Android Central. You can clearly see the difference between the normal and the wide-angle footage.

I've been in Barcelona at those same places that the video was captured. I came hope with not-so-impressive shots because I didn't have a wide-angle lens with me. Now that I see what the wide-angle lens of the G6 is capable of, I know that this is a must-have lens for travelers. Next time I visit Spain again, I know that I'll either buy the LG G6 or at least buy a wide-angle lens for my mirrorless camera.

I also liked the Android Central used a tripod to capture some of the sample images. This allows you to enjoy the video and at the same time analyze the image for sharpness, image noise, exposure, etc. There are also some footage of walking while recording, so you can see how the LG G6 rear camera OIS performs.

The colors are rich and vivid. Just look at the very blue sky color and how well the LG G6 handles exposure in this video. Even against a front bright sunlight, the exposure transition is very smooth and the camera does an excellent job in maintaining a well-exposed image. It is just being there and looking at the city with your own eyes. Usually I expect some exposure clipping to occur, but with the LG G6, it just look so smooth.

So the video quality of the LG G6 is just fantastic. Do you remember the days we took a videocam with us LOL, man, we've came a long way since then. Just incredible what amazing an amazing video quality you can get with such a small device. If you love shooting videos, you can rest assured that the LG G6 won't disappoint you, at least not as far as the image quality is concerned. There are a lot of other sample videos on YouTube which you can watch, including some 4K and 18:9 footage.

importance ranking: #11 in the 'Camera' category and #33 among all categories for LG G6 device

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  • The video quality is indeed very good and I hope I could say this for the image quality, which I personally didn't like. What they didn't like is that those people who reviewed those mobile phones take some really crappy shooting footage. They're just shooting videos of cars in the street instead of going outside and take a video of nature or other type of footage that can really showcase the cap abilities of the camera. Furthermore, some of them just take a video for a few seconds like a 20 seconds long, which for me isn't enough to get a good impression of our good image quality is of the video. That being said, I've seen some camera sample videos taken with the LG G6. And I really like what I've seen so far. So as far as the video quality the LG G6 did great.