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I agree with some of the comments about the really annoying noise patterns seen in images when viewed in 100% magnification, but when it comes to colors, the LG G6 just rocks. To demonstrate what I mean, just take a look at those LG G6 sample images in this Koran website here. Forget for a moment about the sharpness and other image quality aspects, just focus on the colors. This is exactly the color reproduction I like seeing in photos, both vivid, yet not oversaturated with very natural-looking results.

Look at the colors of the threes, the red meat and the fruit stand. Just amazing how amazing the colors look like in those images, especially the reds and greens. It's not that those images are anything out of the ordinary, but these are excellent test pictures that demonstrate how good the LG G6 renders colors. Trust me, I've seen some images with colors way of the chart. It's all about the image processing. The Bayer sensor doesn't capture RGB color data for each pixel, but either red, green or blue. An color interpolation algorithm is used to bring back those "original" colors. Sometimes the results turn out to be pretty poor. So in terms of colors reproduction, the LG G6 does a remarkable job.

The weird thing is that I've seen some sample images taken at MWC 2017 and I didn't quite liked what I've seen, but for some reason these photos changed my mind. I don't know whether there was a tweaking involved before the phone was officially released in Korea, but what matters is that the results turned out to be great, color wise.

I think that this LG G6 sample video by GSMArena can also showcase how beautiful the colors are. Just look at the gorgeous blue sky, the lovely natural-looking green trees and how vivid and striking the scene looks. This is exactly how I want a video to look like, and the LG G6 rear camera does an excellent job here.

Having said all that, I think that LG should update the image processing algorithm to eliminate the artifcats that the JPEG processing algorithm presents, but color wise it's just perfect.

importance ranking: #10 in the 'Camera' category and #32 among all categories for LG G6 device

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