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The LG G6 dual-camera has its issues, but I think that the G6 is one of the best phones for a traveler, yes, because of its camera. The main reason I think the LG G6 has the best travel camera is because of its wide-angle lens. I am spending quite a lot of time traveling in many countries, and I really enjoying taking pictures. I usually bring my iPhone 6 with me. I also have a Fujifilm mirrorless camera, but usually, I just prefer carrying my phone in my pocket when I take a walk outside.

In my travels, I've found out that a phone's camera can be very limiting. Many of today's phone camera come with a lens of around 22mm to 28mm equivalent focal length. It's pretty wide focal length and good for general photography. The problem is that the angle of view is just not wide enough for certain shots. For example, I've been in Barcelona this year and shot some pictures in the Gothic Quarter. This quarter has some very narrow passages. I remember taking a picture near the Barcelona Cathedral. I just couldn't get a good shot because the iPhone 6 camera wasn't wide enough to get the picture I wanted. You need a very wide angle to capture this type of image. This holds true for other indoor areas, you really need an ultra wide-angle lens to be able to get a good composition.

The LG G6 has two cameras, the second one has a 125-degree angle view. I used a Lens Focal Length to Field of View calculator to calculate this, and according to that calculator, a 125-degree diagonal FOV equals to approximately 11.3 mm focal length. I don't know if that is the most accurate calculation because it depends on how the angle was calculated, but there is not doubt that you need a much wide focal length lens than what I got in the iPhone 6 to be able to capture some really interesting and creative shots.

There are already some very nice camera samples taken with the LG G6 rear-facing wide-angle camera. You can find out some of them on gsm arena and other popular phone related websites. There is a huge difference between the two focal lengths. I've checked the EXIF metadata of two images taken with the two lenses. The regular lens has 4.03mm focal length and the wide-angle lens has 2.01mm focal length (non-35mm equivalent focal length).

Even outdoors, the wide-angle lens will give you much more impressive and interesting shots than the normal angle when shooting landscape and architecture pictures. For some indoor shots, it's even crucial to change to the wide-angle lens. A picture that might look boring shot with the regular lens will look amazing on the wide-angle one.

When you travel, you'll encounter many places and areas where the wide-angle would be perfect for shooting with. Having a single fixed focal length lens, like most phone cameras do, limit your creativity a lot. This is why I think that the LG G6 is a great phone for enthusiast photographers searching for a phone with a camera that will allow them to take better photos and it's great for travelers.

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  • I totally agree with you about the wide-angle lens for landscape photography. I just can't see myself shooting with the normal length anymore I just love shooting with a wide-angle lens. This is the reason I bought an ultra wide-angle lens for my Nikon DSLR camera. I was first shooting with an 18-55mm lens, but then I found out that my images don't look so interesting and I thought to myself maybe I should start shooting with another lens. I tried a super telephoto zoom lens, I know but I like the shallow depth of field effect, I was kind of bored looking at close up images with that beautiful Bokeh effect. Don't get me wrong images I love those type of images but they wanted something more. Once I put my hands on an ultra wide-angle lens everything changed. I found myself just going to three to the north and parts of my country to take beautiful shots of landscape sceneries. I can really understand why you are so excited that the LG G6 has a wide angle lens. If you love photography I'm sure that you are going to love the LG G6 rear facing camera. You will come home with much more interesting photographs than ever before.