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The LG G6 isn't compatible with Daydream, Google's mobile VR platform. The reason for that is that it doesn't employ an OLED display. It's not the OLED specifically is requires, but it's the only type of screen that meets the minimum specified requirements for Gray-to-Gray, white-to-Black and Black-to-White latencies and has the required persistence and refresh rate required to support Daydream. This is such a shame considering all the other advanced features that this phone has. The phone has an amazing display, but Google has very restricted hardware requirements that a phone has to comply with to become Daydream-ready. This means that virtual reality game that were designed to work with Daydream-compatible headsets and on supported Android phones, won't work with the LG G6.

I think that some people that thought about buying the LG G6 just won't buy it because of the lack of Daydream support. Daydream will become much more popular in 2017 with many new VR games and experience already been announced and will be released through 2017. I think many people had enough of Google Cardboard and want to be able to enjoy VR content the same as Samsung phone owners can with their Galaxy S7/S7 edge and soon the S8 and S8+.

VR is the most exciting and interesting technology that we have on phones. There isn't anything really excited in those new phones. They have better displays, stronger processors, but what all that worth if you not for playing games, especially VR games. I'm very disappointed that the LG G6 won't be supporting Daydream. I don't plan to buy this phone, but if I did, I would probably would have skipped it once I knew it lacks support for Google Daydream. I hope that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will support Daydream, although Samsung competes against Google in this industry with its Gear VR headset. Anyways, just a heads up.

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