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I've seen the sample images taken by phonearena.com and was really shocked how sharp the images are. Some people here have suggested that the camera applies strong sharpening. I took a close look at this image and enlarges it to view it at 100% scale. The images is tack sharp. Just look at the screws and the stone texture, it's amazing how sharp it is. The texture quality is amazing. I've seen some jaggies in the street sign that say "Carrer D'Hercegovina" but this is a pixel-wide sharpening if at all.

The sky area is less impressive and quite noisy. I did inspect the exif data, but but it was removed from some reason from the image. I believe that that image with the street sign was shot in base ISO (ISO50), so it's quite disappointing to see a lot of noise in plane color areas like the sky. I wish I knew what optics the LG G6 rear camera uses, but one thing for sure, the Sony IMX258 even with its 1.12-micron pixel, does an amazing job when it comes to image details and texture quality.

importance ranking: #4 in the 'Camera' category and #9 among all categories for LG G6 device

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  • The more sample images I see the more I get confused. I agree that this particular image show the potential of that sensor to capture very detailed images, it's a great photo to showcase that. However, in some images I did notice some artifacts. I am still not sure what's the cause for that. I think I need to wait for more sample images taken with a non-production model to make up my mind about how good the LG G6 rear cameras are. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
  • In that particular image it's also very hard to see noise in bright areas and mid-tone. This is why it's a good photo, because the photographer also composed the shot so we get to see part of the sky in the image. There is not doubt about the detail resolvement capability of that normal camera (not sure about the wide-angle one). I'm sure that in a few days we are going to see douzan of reviews with some full-res G6 sample images and this mystery about the image quality will be solved :)