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Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S8

In my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ aren't innovative enough to convince me from upgrading from the S7 edge and it doesn't feature such amazing features that make iPhone fans even blink towards it. Don't get me wrong, the S8 is probably the best Android smartphone out there when it comes to specs and looks. That being said, I am an enthusiast gadget's fan but I am a down to earth person and know how to appreciate true innovation.

I personally expect Samsung, from any other company, to come up with great features that will move the smartphone industry forward. Features that will make us run and get the new Galaxy phone. That being said, let's see what we have here. We have a very powerful phone, with stunning design, Bixby AI, the same good old great camera as the S7, great selfie camera, Iris scanner and a superb display, which is probably the best smartphone display out there. There are many other features of course, but none of them, and I repeat, none of them make the S8 really stand out from other flagship smartphones. No innovative features that will convince you to sell your S7/S7 edge and run to the store and get this new phone.

I think that the Iris scanner is a gimmicky feature, there are no stereo speakers, the wireless charging support is nice but really not essential, the 18.5:9 display is a nonconforming and weird aspect ratio choice and it's not even Daydream ready from what I've read.

It's like having the same phone every year but with a more powerful chipset and many nice but nonessential features. Put the marketing stuff aside and all the buzz and whistles that you read on the media and just look at the specs and see what convinces you to get it over the S7? write those features down and look at them. Would you see something that really triggers you, something that is worth upgrading for, something that makes the S8 really, but really stand out from other flagship smartphones.

I can tell you that the main things that I like about the new Galaxy S8 is its stunning display (already benchmarked by DisplayMate), I like the bezeless design, I love the powerful and power efficient SD835 chipset which will make games run smooth as butter and of course the camera takes great pictures. I don't know about you, but I found Bixby to be unnecessary and I personally will be using Google Assistant.

Samsung didn't even bother to follow the dual-camera trend, which I think it's really good technology for promoting better quality images, producing very nice Bokeh effect and for some phones, the ability to shoot with a secondary wide angle camera like in the LG G6.

For me there is no doubt that this is just yet another Galaxy smartphone. In my opinion, there is no great innovation in this phone whatsoever. Just imagine what happens if Apple comes out with an augmented reality features in its iPhone 8 smartphone, the Galaxy S8 will suffer greatly from it. Apple just need to feature a really innovative great technology to beat its competition hands down, just one. Augmented Reality can force all the other phone manufacturer to push this great technology forward. We've already seen some phones with AR technologies, but the only way this technology can reach the masses is when either Samsung or Apple release it in their flagship smartphones. This is when the competition really starts.

As I am excited about the new Galaxy S8, I am also greatly disappointed with the lack of innovation in it. It can be praised in many ways, but there is nothing in it that will change the way you use the device, no true innovation that will get you really excited when you buy one. I think that AR and folding displays will be the next big thing, and I think that Samsung is just stilling time with the S8 and the reall innovation will come probably next year.

I've read many people's opinion about the new Galaxy S8, many people do like it. In fact I do too, it's a great device, but I wouldn't upgrade to it. You can find plenty of reason to upgrade, but if you put the hype aside and the urge to upgrade your phone every year just to have the best and latest, you probably see what I see. If money isn't a problem, just upgrade and have fun with your new device, but if you are on a budget, think carefully before making a move. A friend of mine is buying the S8 because of its HDR features and just because he likes how it looks. See, everyone has its own reasons to buy a new phone and some people don't mind and have no problem spending that amount of money on a phone and just move on. For me, I can afford one, but I am still holding my wallet close until a new exciting phone comes that really convinces me with its technologies and boasts some great features that I would really want to use.

So overall, I think that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not a worthy upgrade from the Galaxy S7/S7 edge and lacks true innovation and also competitive advantage in some degree. Maybe this all Samsung needs right now to promote great sells, but I know that there are many users out there like myself who are a bit frustrated and will probably will wait for the Galaxy S9 or the next iPhone to come out before making up their mind.

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