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This is not a direct advantage of the device itself, but having an option to use the DeX accessory (optional, sold separately) is a great advantage that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ brings with them. When you buy a device, it's also useful to know which type of complementary accessories are available for it. The Samsung DeX is an amazing accessory, which allows you to connect the S8 and operate your phone through an external display, like a Monitor, TC or projector through an HDMI connector. You can even use it with an external keyboard and mouse through Bluetooth, USB or RF connector. On top of that, the Samsung DeX serves as a fast charger for all intents and purposes. According to this article, it's only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Samsung DeX station accessory connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse

The Samsung DeX station was designed to enhance your Android experience by allowing you to consume content and work using a large display, rather than being limited to the phone's display. It features enhanced interactions like drag and drop, text selection, new window, mouse-over focus and more. You can resize multiple windows, enjoy a contextual menu and use Android Nougat like it was a regular desktop operating system. You can still receive and answer calls, the iris scanner will still work, so all the phone's capabilities are still operational, but now you are viewing it on a larger display and using keyboard and mouse to interact with the content.

You can even access regular Windows desktop by connecting to a remote virtual machine. This turns your Galaxy S8 and DeX into a portable computer that you can carry everywhere you go. So even if you prefer using Windows software instead of the Android ones, you can connect to your remote virtual desktop and work with that environment, but an Internet connection is required.

You can work in almost any place, although you'll need a portable keyboard and mouse to enjoy the best this technology can offer. It's also very affordable, because if you already have the Galaxy S8, you just need to buy the Samsung DeX Station and maybe a keyboard and mouse if you don't have one, but most people do. It's the best desktop charger you can ever get for your Galaxy S8. It comes with an Ethernet port, two USB 2.0 ports, USB Type-C and HDMI port.

Here is an hands-on of Samsung DeX, which shows you are compact and useful this great accessory is.

Smartphones nowadays become more connected and offer a wide range of accessories that extend over the built-in features and offer a wide-range of features and advantages that weren't possible before. The Galaxy S8 already has a powerful CPU and GPU, so why not use it for desktop use as well. Of course many people are use to work with Windows OS at home. For some people the S8 can replace it all together, other probably will switch between the two. I personally find the DeX station really useful to take abroad and use the browser to write post on my blog. I don't need a Windows machine for that, I can just use the Chrome browser and a good Android photo editing app and I am all set. I don't even need to carry my laptop computer with me, and I can buy a portable keyboard and bring a mouse with me almost anywhere I go.

One of the main disadvantage of a mobile phone is that it has a small screen. Even a 6" screen is tiny and much less comfortable compared to working with a large display. Of course you'll need a display where you go, but most places where I go already have an HDTV or a computer monitor and if I visit coworkers, I can use there monitor.

The Samsung DeX wasn't designed to replace your Windows laptop computer, but to give you a better way to continue working with your phone when you are near a larger display and want to finish things quicker and be more efficient.

So overall, this is one advantage that the S8 has over other phones that don't offer such an easy way to enjoy large display connectivity. It's not that there are no other options out there, but Samsung made sure that the DeX experience is optimized for the S8 and it's very easy to setup and use.

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