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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has received the highest A+ (Excellent) rating from DisplayMate. This website does a very intense and in-depth analysis of the screen, so intense that maybe half of the things there I still don't understand what they mean. You can check out their Galaxy S8 screen analysis and read it yourself. DisplayMate test things like how wide the gamut it, testing the viewing angles, color accuracy, image contrast and brightness, performance in various lighting conditions, picture quality, screen reflections and more parameters.

This is by far the most intensive test done for a mobile phone screen from what I've seen. It's like the DxOMark for display performance. The overall score that the Samsung Galaxy S8 display got was Excellent A+ rating. DisplayMate has mentioned in their review, and I quote: "The best performing smartphone display that we have ever tested". This just shows how good the Galaxy S8 display is. We know that Samsung makes amazing OLED screens with its Super AMOLED technology, but it seems that with the S8 Samsung has progressed even further in this department. It seems that the S8's screen has gone through some intensive tests and calibration procedures in order to achieve these excellent results.

In their article, DisplayMate mentioned that the S8 has four screen modes that the user can choose from and they checked out each one performs. There is also a an AMOLED Photo mode which according to their article is calibrated for Adobe RGB Gamut. In their test this mode shown really impressive brightness, contrast and calibrated color and very wide color gamut. This means that your photos will look best when you view them in this mode. There is also a Cinema mode that uses DCI-P3 Gamut setting which is the same one used on Samsung's HDTV displays and it's aimed for giving your a spectacular viewing experience when watching movies on your phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 also has one of the lowest Screen Reflectance on any smartphone to date, which means that it reflects less light. This makes it easier to use the phone in daylight or in areas that have strong ambient light.

So the Samsung Galaxy S8 has gone through some very intense tests and this is just yet another advantage that the Galaxy S8 has over its competitors, and it's a very important one. There is nothing more important than the screen because this is how we consume everything on the phone. So when it comes to screen performance in the Galaxy S8, Samsung definitely got it all right and I'm sure no one is going to doubt these intensive screen lab test results.

I have no doubt that the end users that plan to buy the Galaxy S8 now have yet another great reason to buy it. It will be interesting to see how the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen will compare to the upcoming iPhone 8. I think that Samsung should have sent the S8 to DisplayMate for analysis, because this is certainly something that you will be proud to present in the launch event. Who knows, maybe it's good that it was done this way, because DisplayMate is an independent company and it makes the results more reliable. Anyways, now that you know that you have the best display even seen on a phone, you have yet another reason to get it.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Display' category and #11 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy S8 device

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