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The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with 8MP F1.7 front-facing camera. The Galaxy S7 has a 5MP F1.7 camera in comparison. I've checked out the S8 front camera sample images taken by gsmarena and I was very impressed with what I've seen. The image quality is just superb. It looked like it was taken with a primary camera. There was one selfie image particularly that I was really impressed with. The image did showcase noise in the dark and mid-tones, even at ISO 40, but nothing to be concerned about.

The things that I like the most is the great color reproduction and natural skin tones. That selfie images look so natural and very sharp as well. This is really high-quality front-facing camera. The Smart Autofocus system is based on contrast-detection, but uses face-detection algorithm to quickly focus on faces in the scene, which is obviously useful when taking selfies. There are many selfie cameras that lack autofocus. This means that with those cameras, you have to make sure that the camera is in the right distance from your face , otherwise your face will turn out blurry. The autofocus system makes sure that your face is the one that will be in focus, no matter how far or close you hold your phone from your body.

Maybe the only feature that I would have liked to see is a dual-lens camera, because it allows better-looking shallow depth of field effect compared to what a single camera can produce.

Flipping to the front camera can be done either by clicking the top-left camera icon or using the swipe down gesture on the screen. It has some cool features to add some overplayed clothing and properties to your face, which is pretty cool.

However, I care about image quality and I really glad that, at least from what I've seen so far, the Galaxy S8 selfie camera passed the test. I am interested to see how it compares to the Galaxy S7 front camera though. That being said, I'm sure this camera won't disappoint you. You can check out the sample images yourself on gsm arena. I'm sure that in the upcoming days will get to see more and more sample images. If you find new ones, please drop me a comment below.

The F/1.7 will allow you to take high-quality selfie pictures when shooting in non-optimal lighting conditions. I'm sure that many of you went out in the weekend at night and found out that you camera has a hard time keeping up and your images turned out either blurry, dark or both. The fast aperture lens allows more light to pass through the lens, thus promoting better low light images. It also helps in fighting motion blur because it allows the camera to shoot at faster shutter speeds, therefore helping to maintain a sharp images, which is especially important for low-light photography and in this case, your low-light selfies.

importance ranking: #6 in the 'Camera' category and #25 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy S8 device

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