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White color variation

I've just found out that the Nokia 6 is available in a White version in the Philippines on Lazada for ₱18,590. The specs are the same, but oh boy the white version of the Nokia 6 really looks gorgeous. I usually don't like white phones because thy just look pale and not interesting, but the Nokia 6 really fuels with character. The front button has a nice dark contour and the gray lines that wraps the phone on the sides really defines its shape and make it stand out. The Black Nokia logo is beautifully stamped on the right side near the camera. I think it's due to the elegant use of black color and how it beautifully contrasts the white, like a black text on a white paper. that was a brilliant idea to make it in white. I really like the black color but I like the White version of the Nokia 6 even more.

Nokia 6 in white color

If you look at the white iPhones like the iPhone 4s or the iPhone 6 for example, you can see that Apple use either a silver back or metal contour for the home button, I think that the more defined darker color really looks better and why I really love the Nokia 6 white color design compared to that of the iPhone.

There are also many what so called "white" color phones that don't come with a solid white color for the rear and front or have very thick and prominent lines that it just make you wonder what the designer of the phone was thinking.

I'm sure it will sell like cupcakes, it's a gorgeous looking phone, but hey, not just because of its looks, it's a great phone nevertheless.

importance ranking: #5 in the 'Design' category and #32 among all categories for Nokia 6 device

User Opinions

  • I've voted this down because I've read that the White version of the Nokia 6 is not real and it's not coming.
  • I'm sure that this white variation release might upset some people who bought the black version and would have wanted to get the white version instead. I know that if I had to choose between the two, I would have gone with the white version. It's also less prone to fingerprints and it's just look so classic!