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After observing some early sample images taken with the Nokia 6 that at least when it comes to dynamic range and color reproduction, the camera can deliver excellent results. I've judged the colors and sharpness based on sample images from and The Nokia 6 sample images there were taken at low ISO sensitivity. For example, the image of the cookies on the plate was shot at ISO 123 at f/2.0 aperture. You can clearly see that the image is very sharp although it was shot at very slow shutter speed of 1/33 sec. The image is very detailed with a nice shallow depth of field effect because it was shot up close.

The second indoor shot image with the cubed and people was shot at ISO 192 at 1/33 sec shutter speed. We can clearly see that the data in the highlight and shadow area is well preserved and it looks very well exposed and sharp. I've looked the the area where the vent is at the top and it's easy to see that there is not extra sharpening or any intensive image processing going on. I would have noticed that, and if there was extra sharpening, you could easily noticed that with jaggies in the fine details. Even the text "Mobile" on the left side and the Japanese characters look very sharp, and considering that this image was shot at such a slow shutter speed just show how effective the camera is when shooting in slow shutter speed.

Those letters are also in the corners of the frame. You usually expect that area to be more prone to distortions and have lesser image quality than in the center, but it looks just as sharp in the corners than it is in the center - tack sharp results, I'm really impressed. Just keep in mind that this is a mid-range phone, not Nokia's flagship which expect to see in MWC in Barcelona next month.

So the image quality is really impressive judging by those Nokia 6 sample images. I'm sure that with the hands of a better photographer and with optimal lighting and fast shutter speeds, the image would look even better. I'm waiting to see more test pictures to really comprehend how good the main camera is, but this sample images certainly give me a positive reassurance that we can expect great things from Nokia to come as far as its camera capabilities go. Just imagine if this is the image quality from a mid-range phone, what Nokia is planning for us in its high-end smartphones, oh boy!

I also found this video by C L Gadget YouTube user. I first thought it's not legit, but I saw other videos it looks legit. So here is a Nokia 6 sample video shot buy this user with some sample images as well.

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  • The Nokia 6 rear camera image quality looks impressive judging by those test images. Do you know what sensor model the Nokia 6 uses for the main camera?
  • I don't know which sensor exactly. I did check the EXIF of the sample images just to make sure that those are indeed were taken with the Nokia 6 and seeing TA-1000 in the camera model confirmed it. I'll see if I can fish something from the web, but until now I wasn't able to find the camera image sensor model used for the Nokia 6 main camera.