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I really like the Nokia 6 design. It resembles the design of the Nokia Lumia 930 and the camera compartment design at the back resembles the icon Nokia one like the Nokia Lumia 620. It's really a gorgeous sleek looking phone. The brushed metal accent on the sides wrapping a black finish really gives the phone it's distinctive style. Furthermore, the straight lines beautiful blend with the 2.5D curved display. The antenna contour lines wrap the rear side of the phone with a slightly darker color which also makes the phone more interesting.

Nokia 6 smartphone, rear, front and side view

Nokia definitely needed to keep its iconic style from its Lumia devices and when you look at the phone, at least from the back, you cannot be mistaken which company made this phone. One think I know about Nokia is that it knows how to develop impressive looking smartphones. It's Lumia smartphones looked really impressive but unfortunately, for many people the design wasn't enough and people wanted to buy an Android phone, not a Windows based one.

Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 620 side by side

Although the Nokia 6 is made exclusively for the Chinese market, Nokia plans to announce more devices in February, and we can just guess that the phones will be available globally, not just in China. It's interesting to see the new design of those phones. I have a good feeling that these phone will look amazing and Nokia will enter the market with a big bang, at least design wise. The design and usability always played a significant role for Nokia since the early days of mobile phones. I bought Nokia phones because they employ good aesthetics alongside great usability.

I also hope that Nokia will use a subtle UI wrapper that will blend the UI with the design of the phone, something that will give the UI a distinctive Nokia style look. I still want a Vanilla Android, but having a slight theme modification to the lock screen and the home page would be nice in my opinion and will give users the feeling that they were waiting for, holding a Nokia branded smartphone.

As I said, the design isn't everything, but it is very important for many people and Nokia phones were always synonyms with elegant and modern looking phones. It's great to see the beautiful design of the Nokia 6 and I'm looking forward to see what Nokia will come up with next - great job Nokia!

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  • I've read on one website that Nokia's future phones will come with the Z launcher interface, so it will probably have its distinctive Nokia UI touches.