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The Galaxy C9 Pro is a nice looking device, you can't argue about that. It is made of full aluminum unibody that was polished using micro-slit technology to give it it's smooth and prestigious sheen..The C9 Pro is also an ultra-slim phone at 6.9mm. It's quite a surprise considering it's a 6-inch phablet. The phone is very comfortable to hold and only weights 188 grams, no bad either. You can get the C9 Pro in Gold, Pink Gold and Black colors. The brighter colors have a white front, whether the black version of the phone comes with a black front panel.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro in gold

At the back you'll notice a slight bump of the rear camera, but it's really not protruding that much. I personally prefer a flat profile because when I put the phone on a table, I don't like when it's not completely stable, but again, a minor design disadvantage but not a problem at all.

At the back there is the camera compartment and the dual-LED flash, but other than the antenna lines and the Samsung logo in the middle, the back looks really clean. The speaker grill is positioned in the bottom of the phone, luckily no in the rear part like some phone manufacturers prefer. The best place for it is in the right side where you can use your phone horizontally without blocking it with your hand.

I also like how the accent color also wraps the front home button and the earpiece in the front. The button also carry the same color as the back. The phone itself look really sleek and stylish.

Here is a video by C4Tech that unbox the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro and gives you a clear look at how the C9 Pro looks from different sides. You can see that is amazing how slim this large phone is. The one used in the video is the gold version one.

So the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro definitely delivers on the design aspect. Just in comparison, the Samsung A9 Pro (2016) is also a 6-inch phablet and it is 7.9mm thick. It might not sound this much, but every millimeter counts here and you really feel it when you hold the phone in your hands. Sometimes being too slim isn't good either because it feels like you are holding a paper in your hand, OK, maybe not a paper, but you need a bit of thickness to grab a good hold of the phone when using it for a long period of time, like when playing games and browsing the web. 6.9mm is still in the good comfortable range. I'm not sure that going under 6mm would make the phone more comfortable to hold, probably not, but it will make it look sleeker that's for sure.

In 2017 we are probably going to see phones with a foldable flexible display. Once those phones come, the age of the ultra slim phones will be over, and I think people wouldn't mind having a thicker phone but one that at least can unfolded and reveal a larger display.

A great choice for everyone looking for a stylish, sleek and ultra-slim 6-inch phablet.

importance ranking: #2 in the 'Design' category and #11 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro device

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