Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro • Performance & Hardware Disadvantage
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The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro features the Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon 653 Octra-core processor with four 1.95GHz Cortex-A72 and four 1.4GHZ Cortex-A53 cores. It's also uses the Adreno 510 GPU. This is a powerful 64-bit architecture mid-range processor. It comes with two Image Sensor processors (ISP) and Qualcomm's Hexagon DSP and All-Ways Aware technologies.

This processor sits on top of the 600 series, but below Qualcomm's 800 series. the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro scored 82,942 on AnTuTu benchmark according to rickodebest YouTube user with 20655 3D score and 23325 CPU score. The SD653 suppose to provide up to 10% higher performance than the SD652 according to Qualcomm. It has a faster CPU clock speed than the 652 with 1.95GHz vs 1.8GHz and 1.4GHz vs 1.2GHz. Both use the same Adreno 510 GPU.

This is a very impressive score. I've seen some other tests that show a score around 72000 in AnTuTu and that seems to be aligned with many other benchmark test that I've seen. That being said, some of the other benchmark that I've seen like that by scored 79642 and and the one posted on YouTube by rickodebest scores 82942 on AnTuTu benchmark. In Geekbench 4 benchmark the Galaxy C9 Pro scored 1479 in single-core score and 3861 in multi-core score.

In terms of the AnTuTu benchmark score, if we take the 72K score into account, this put the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro aligned with the ZTE Nubia Z11 Max (Snapdragon 652) and Oppo R9 Plus (Snapdragon 652). However, the higher scores that I've seen that show close to 80K score seems more pretty aligned with Qualcomm claims that the SD653 provides up to 10% more performance than its predecessor, the SD652, so things fits up pretty well there.

The phone is also equipped with 6GB of RAM and with that fast processor, you ca reassured that this phone can run high demanding games in good frame rates, although it would have been better if this phone came with Adreno 530 GPU which would have made the phone more future proof and provide that extra performance that some hardcore gamers need.

Still, the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro packs enough power to make working with the phone a very pleasant experience, not just for games, for for very smooth and lag free multitasking experience, fast app launch speeds, etc. I would personally pick up the Galaxy C9 Pro over the Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) due to its better processor (SD653 vs SD652) and more RAM (6GB vs 4GB). However, the OnePlus 3T has a starting price of Rs. 29,999 (64GB version, also the same price sold on the last time I checked on February 12, 2017) and it comes with the more powerful and more advanced Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 processor. The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is prised Rs. 36,900 as of the time of writing. So this is why the OnePlus 3T is known to be one of the most powerful Android phones in 2016 and explain its popularity. This puts the C9 Pro in an inferior place at least when it comes to performance. Just for comparison, the OnePlus 3T score around 164,300 on AnTuTu, which is more than double the score of the SD653.

I don't want to compare the OnePlus 3T vs Galaxy C9 Pro here, but you can clearly see that at least when it comes to performance, the OnePlus 3T is the smartphone that everyone wants to beat at the moment.

So overall, I put this in disadvantage because in terms of value, in my opinion the Galaxy C9 Pro doesn't make the cut and you can buy (if it's available in your location), the OnePlus 3T which is twice more powerful and for around Rs. 7000 less (~$100 USD). The SD 653 matches the performance of the Snapdragon 808 (68508 AnTuTu) of the LG G4. So in terms of value, we just can't deny the existence of the OnePlus 3T and although the C9 Pro performance is good enough for most users, the OnePlus 3T just provides much better value when it comes to performance.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Performance & Hardware' category and #1 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro device

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  • This really puts the Galaxy C9 Pro in an inferior position against the OnePlus 3T. The other specs looks quite similar as well, and it's not that the Galaxy C9 Pro is really outperforming the 3T in other areas. Unless the OnePlus 3T is not available in your country, I don't know who will buy the C9 Pro, unless that person really wants a 6-inch phone. I'm sure that this price of this phone will drop really fast and it's better to wait a bit and get it for a better price, especially now that we are closer to MWC 2017 in Barcelona.