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The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is available in four colors and one of those color is a beautiful vibrant yet subtle pink gold which I am sure it will appeal for a lot of woman that just love everything pink or just love this color and always wanted to have a pink phone. The pink really compliment the smooth full metal unibody design and the C9 Pro's ultra-slim profile. The pink really gives the phone a very feminine touch and it just looks beautiful, elegant and luxurious.

Pink color Galaxy C9 Pro

The only downside in my opinion is that the pink gold color is only for the back and sides and the front is white. It would have been even better if the whole phone had a pink color finish. The white goes well with the pink, it's just that a unified color would look better I think. If you are searching for a beautiful pink smartphone with a large screen, I think you might find what you are looking for in the Galaxy C9 Pro.

I've seen some pink smartphone that really don't look that great, like the iPhone 5S and Xperia Z3 that have a black front and pink back and sides, and it's better to have a white front than a black, it's just look more classic and elegant. I think the Samsung should have make it look like the Kivors or the Xgody that have front and rear pink color. The best example is the Samsung Galaxy S7 pink gold version which wraps the entire phone with a beautiful shiny pink-ish gold color, including the side buttons, home button and even the earpiece, almost everything is pink.

By the way, pink gold is the same color used for gold rings and it's a very nice mix of both pink and gold, so it doesn't have very strong pink accent, not like the very pink iPhone 5 but more like the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pink gold color. I think that the C9 Pro is slightly more towards the pink color than gold compared to the S7 pink-gold color. Anyways, if you love this color, you have this color option available for you.

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  • Plane pink color is really boring and look very toy-ish, but a pink gold color looks amazing, especially on metallic surface like on the Galaxy S7 edge and this one, the Galaxy C9 Pro.