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The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro features a huge 6.0-inch Super AMOLED display with full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels) resolution. It's obviously would have been better for such display to have a 2K resolution, but Full HD even for such a large display is fine for most people. I wouldn't picked it up for VR because the image would have turned out very pixelated, but for juts watching videos, browsing the web and playing games, I think that this resolution is good enough.

Here is a 6.0-inch screen versus 5.5-inch screen relatively size comparison. You can see that the samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has quite prominent size advantage over the 5.5" screen of the iPhone 6S Plus.

Galaxy C9 vs iPhone 6 Plus screen size comparison 6-inch vs 5.5-inch

I personally love the 6-inches display for browsing the web, it's just makes the whole experience much more comfortable and easier compared to small screens. It certainly not the most powerful smartphones out there, but with a huge screen and a 4000mAh high-capacity battery, you'll enjoy browsing the web for a longer period of time. A phone that is aimed towards those who are searching for a more comfortable and mobile alternative to a tablet device.

The Galaxy C9 Pro also uses Samsung's well-regarded Super AMOLED screen technology, so you are also going to enjoy really beautiful and vivid colors, which makes the C9 Pro an amazing phone to view your photos on and show them to your friends.

importance ranking: #1 in the 'Display' category and #3 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro device

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  • Indeed, this is one of the best features of this phablet. I'm happy that Samsung went with a Super AMOLED display, I really love the colors that this screen produces, bright, vivid and with rich blacks and very good viewing angles.