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low dynamic range image of a beach and trees

The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro rear camera results in a dull-looking images, which I believe it's due to the narrow dynamic range of the sensor. I've seen that in many camera samples. This is nothing to do with shooting in low light. Even images that were taken in bright daylight look kind of flat. There is very little amount of details in the dark areas of the image and also the mid-tones have limited colors range. This leads to images with higher contrast and fewer color details in the mid-tones. I found it really troublesome and quite disturbing when viewing images like that.

I think that the Galaxy C9 Pro primary camera sample taken by can demonstrate what I've talking about, There is only one image there that looked good and it's the image with the park area, but that image isn't a good option to test the dynamic range. The image with the large pig doll with the blue shirt clearly show the limited dynamic range of the sensor. The C9 Pro has an f/1.9 lens and that image was shot at the lowest ISO of the camera, ISO 40 and with a very fast 1/3038 sec shutter speed. This is a good image because the dynamic range is lower as you climb up the ISO scale. The second that also showcase the low dynamic range is the one with the fountain. You can see that the camera struggles in the mid-tones and shadow areas in that scene. That image was also shot at ISO 40 and with 1/942 sec shutter speed. These are just two example, there are plenty more available on the web that show the same issue. The range of exposure is definitely limited in those images.

Of course the best way to test the dynamic range is in accurate lab tests and a transmissive chart image and see how the image stack up against other smartphone cameras. Having said that, I don't really need testing for that. I just don't like what I see and I can clearly tell the the image quality is lacking when it comes to color reproduction and dynamic range. I hope that DxOMark will test the primary camera of the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro so we can get more in-depth insight of its performance, but this of course won't change the result, only explain what those images look so mediocre, even in daylight.

The low dynamic range impacts the image quality of stills, but the same goes with the video quality, limited dynamic range that affects the video quality. Here is a sample video shot by GSMArena.

I think that this is one aspect in which the C9 PRo rear camera disappoints. I personally expected more from a mid-range phone that puts a high bar for features and performance. Maybe Samsung aimed a bit too high and using a 16MP f/1.9 camera for both the front and rear lead to an inferior sensor. If the front camera had simpler specs, we might have seen a better sensor for the rear camera. Anyways, these are my impressions as far as the dynamic range goes and this is why I put it in the disadvantage section in the camera category.

What's your opinion?

importance ranking: #6 in the 'Camera' category and #15 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro device

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  • Poor dynamic range performance, I agree. If I bought this phone, I wouldn't do it for its camera obviously. It's nice for taking some shot every now and then, but enthusiast photographers should stay away from this phone.