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After analyzing some camera samples taken with the Galaxy C9 Pro rear-facing camera on phonearena and fonearena websites, I can say with confident that the images are very sharp when shooting in good lighting conditions. I think that the reason it's not tack sharp has to do with the optics, which aren't capable of resolving as much resolution as the sensor provides. This why when you view the images in full magnification at the highest resolution, you can see some slight smearing. Again, nothing to be concerned about and the overall sharpness is very good.

If you reduce the image resolution a bit, you won't even notice the imperfections in the fine details. The Galaxy C9 Pro sensor really needs a lot of light to perform a tits best. HDR can help with revealing more details and brightening up the image, but it won't improve the sharpness. The C9 Pro camera can capture 16MP images, which is 4608x3456 pixel resolution. This is plenty of resolution, but the effective resolution is less than that. When I inspect images, I usually try to see if the small text in the image is readable and I want to see whether how sharp the image is at the corners of the frame. In that regard, the C9 Pro did a very good job. It was nice to see that the image still remains pretty sharp in the outer edges of the frame. I actually was quite surprised to see that, usually those areas are quite blurry on most cameras. So overall good performance there, the C9 Pro camera samples turned out to be sharp and with plenty of details.

importance ranking: #4 in the 'Camera' category and #13 among all categories for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro device

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