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Asus ZenGone AR rear camera supports the RAW file format, a non-destructive and minimally processed digital negative image format that contains the Raw color data directly from the sensor and used by photographers to process the image to their liking. I personally shoot in Raw with my DSLR camera because

I like processing and changing the settings in post processing in Adobe Photoshop LightroomCC, rather than letting the camera process the sensor raw data in-camera and apply its own settings in a destructive way. By saying destructive, I mean that when camera settings are applied to the image, it's irreversible and if you use a JPEG image in post processing, some color information can be lost or adjustment over the current image can produce image artifacts. Furthermore, when shooting in Raw, the file format saves the color data in higher than 8-bit as in JPEG, so each pixel has more color information available in the file (this is one reason why it weighs more in terms of file size). JPEG records 256 levels of brightness, whether RAW records somewhere between 4096 to 16,384 levels depends on the software and hardware used. This allows me to reproduce details in highlights and underexposed areas and even 'play' with the image to achieve nice high dynamic range effect, whether if I did it with a JPEG, I wouldn't able to achieve this, at least not at the same quality and efficiency.

Also because the image contains more data, you have the option to produce a more detailed and higher quality images, which is better for making large prints, to produce more professional results, having an option to select the color space when saving the image, make it easier to correct posterization and removing noise and artifacts, easier to correct over and under exposed images and easier to edit your photos.

It's important to note that a Raw file that you'll capture with the Asus ZenFone AR (or any other camera for that matter) isn't your traditional image format file and can't be viewed until they are processed. Some image viewers have the option to display Raw files, but those image viewer first process the photos prior to displaying them on the screen. I don't know which type of RAW image format is used in the Asus ZenFone AR. I assume that the RAW file as saved in Adobe's RAW format DNG file, but I'm not 100% sure. If you know which file type, please comment below - Thanks.

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